Sunday, August 07, 2005

Charity : are we doing it the right way?

Read an interesting article in The Star today on Charity at a price.

We have wholeheartedly give in our hard earn money, to help the underpriviledge in our society. We give in the money and we felt happy that we can contribute and that's really the least we can do.

How are we suppose to know that our money goes into the right hand? CEO NKF Singapore got into hot soup recently and we start to think and think again, if we did the right thing. Yes, donating to the charity is indeed right in every way. But, is there anything else, we as the layman can do?

For example, checking and doing research and making sure the money goes into the right hand?
There are some information on how to check as published in The Star... Gonna check it first thing tomorrow.

Recently, I have cancelled my credit card and the balance points I have are not enough to redeem some of the nice gifts I always long for. Never mind. I can donate the points to the charity. So, called the bank and done the balance redemption, which goes to a childrens home.
So, I was happy, but still something amiss. How do I know if the money really reach the people in need? I asked the bank if there are any statements / receipts issued, but they said No.
Felt bad. Why NO? If we redeem for a bag, we got the bag send to our home. Why are there no receipts being issued in this case? I wonder...

Are there anyone who shares the same doubt as me?

Just my two cents on the current charity issue.