Saturday, April 05, 2008

I wasted half of my Saturday because of Metalink...

I had some challenging tasks at work this weekend and need to log on to the internet 24x7. Because I need Metalink's support, which did not come as fast as I anticipate. What do you do if you are bounded to the computer. I'm at hour 11 facing my computer.. Freaking out...

Crazy things I did ...

Speed test

77 words

Create your cute photo album

Hour 12:
I made myself a drink.. it's Bragg's apple cider vinegar + honey. Wernn bought it for me sometime back. He said that it was good for health, to support healthy immune system by removing toxins. The taste is awful I have to say, but mixing it with honey, makes it much more bearable.
No honey? Ah.. no no ... It will taste just like raw vinegar and imagine gulping it down. O.. honey is the saviour.

Apple cider vinegar ..

The ' mother' at the bottom of the bottle. Gotta shake well ..

The famous face..

Must add honey to 'tone' down the vinegar taste

My pure apple cider vinegar honey to keep me awake tonight ...