Saturday, October 03, 2009

Is it the end?

Been hearing about the end of our Earth these past few days ... 2012 they said.
It's a disturbing myth or maybe fact. No one knows for sure what will happen tomorrow or the future, but it's what's being anticipated.. If you believe it of course..

It's not helping either, cause I'm currently reading a book ''The DEAD and the GONE", by Susan Pfeffer published in 2008, It started of with the 'something' that hit the moon off its orbit and it is much closer to Earth now.. (Whenever I say this to Wernn, he will roll his eyes :p) As I read, I start imagining myself in that situation, of what would happen if it really happens. How could we survive, or like how Pfeffer said "Only the unlucky survive".

More heartbreaking news on typhoons, then tsunami and then the earthquakes around the world. We felt the tail of the typhoon last Sunday while having our seafood dinner in KK, Sabah.. It was terrifying, and yet we were thinking that it's a norm for the locals there. Friends felt the earthquake tremors last Wednesday evening. Things that we were spared of all this while.. But many things are changing.. but seriously, are we prepared?

So, do I believe or anticipate if the earth is ending during my lifetime here? I don't know.. what about u? I just know that when people say "Appreciate today, enjoy life and life is short", it has become much more meaningful to me now and had changed my life.

Suddenly thought of this song, The End of the World (lovely tunes.. let's not focus on the lyrics..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cheesecake ...

Howdy, how's everyone! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and a Happy Holiday!
It's been sometime since I post any food pictures, and even longer since I make something out.. So, during the weekend, the foodie mood in me wants to try for a cheesecake! It seems a safe and easy choice, a recipe from Jamie Oliver.. It's hard to go wrong I guess, no baking! Just put it into the refrigerator and freeze it will do..

Hmm, how it turns out? Ooook la, it turns out way better than my big muffin (KY, Baby & David knows ;)). I guess I can reduce the amount of fat, can minus out the double/thickened cream the next time around and try out some adventurous toppings..

My Mum did it again!

Mum tested me again... fuyooo.... My mum really has good parking/driving skills ler. How did I drive away after that? Mum came to the rescue ;)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tunes... 于心有愧

Been listening to this song these few weeks.. Nice :)
Like how Eason presented the song, very emo!
Just how ones act, can have a big impact on another ones life..

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The weekend...

Gotten myself really busy with work in the past few weeks, even working from home on weekends.. The project was completed and deployed last Sunday.. I'm so glad.. It's been so long since I had a relaxing weekend and this weekend has been great, able to spend quality time with my loved ones without having to think of work now and then.. We had morning dim sum leisurely.. we ride around doing chores.. we went to pasar malam.. we walked and shopped and ate some good food. It's really a wonderful time and it's my wish that we can always be happy, that's basically what's priceless to me.. appreciate every moment I had..

Wish you a happy week ahead k!

Unagi Pizza at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley

First time seeing a 16% discount in a timepiece shop..

Saturday, July 04, 2009

What a difference surprise this time around..

Both of us set our eyes on it. Guess we make the same comment.. 'Yerrrrrrrr..'

They really doesn't have much taste, be it at their will or they're force to abide to the city council's requirements/wants/likes whatever you call it.. It's just a lousy piece of art.
Like how Wernn quotes it 'Rich people has no taste'. Weird as it is, to some extent, it's very true.

Maybe you like it and will appreciate it, but not for us. Darn, it really manage to spoils the first sight of Pavilion in my mind and heart, which used to be elegant and classy, simple yet sophisticated. There's just so much you can do at the open space.. Hold some events, promos, new openings, a gathering place, a lawn, a playground, a yoga place.. whatever it is, darn.

There you go, you've just successfully added another 'piece of art' to uglify KL.

Before.. Best picture I can get from the web, courtesy of Wikipedia,
regretted never taken a proper shot of Pavilion in the olden days.

Pavilion KL as it is now, with its new addition,
the so-called Unity Fountain with carvings of hibiscus..

The 'piece of art', of course as abstract as the word 'ART' is,
the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..
Please enlighten me on the meaning of these 3 gigantic pots in a fountain, so I can appreciate it better?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So cute isn't ?

I received it! Thanks tim tim! It's so so cute and and it's Mickey.. I wish I'm there too ya.. It must be so exciting surrounded by all the cute funny cartoon characters... hehee... Thanks again for the card!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Choya for us...

I knew I've fallen in love with Choya the first moment I tried it... It's a sweet & sour ume taste liquor with a tingling relaxing effect..
So, Wernn bought the Original Choya at the airport recently and we've been enjoying it. Then Wernn told me that it's nice to simply mix it with some soda water... So, I've got the opportunity to try it out today.. Indeed, it taste great.. Just love it.. Its aromatic taste, hmm... just lovely.

We can mix it with green tea, orange juice, longan juice.. ah, and the Choya promoter I met at Subang Parade told me that she even cook Wine Chicken with Choya.. That's interesting.. She offered me a free tasting of the Original Umeshu with shiso herb (red colour) which is good for ladies. It relieves fatigue and helps our body to regain energy and vitality.

This site has more info on Choya Umeshu and I'll gonna try some of their drinking ideas.. Or if you're lazy to make your own, why not head over to Pasta Zanmai. The last time I was there, I saw that they have a wide variety of Choya drinks.
Till then.... enjoy ur drinks!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Thanks heaps to my dear friends! It was a big surprise to receive this postcard from Cambodia today.. It's been more than a month since you guys&gals are back home, but this late greeting just make it more meaningful!

That's a message for a friendship forever! A toast for us and more gatherings in the future ya!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Driving home..

Today, I left office around 7+.. Traffic was good, because it's getting late and furthermore it's a Monday.. Everyone's still blue and should have left office earlier..

Normally around this time (around 8pm), there's something I will always see (90% of the time)... Hehe, don't worry, it's just the cops.. Tonight, I saw 2 of them by the roadside talking to the driver.. di da di da.. poor them, kena again.. It's quite easy to spot them at this hour, I guess because it's their end-of-shift hours? I just guess that..
I notices a lot of the police bikes cruising around highway/town at this time. Maybe they're going home, so while they're at it, my as well check out illegal looking drivers/drivers talking on phone but without handsfree/drivers sms-ing/people speeding away..

Do you guys notice this too near your area? Be careful ya when you are driving around 8pm, who knows, they're watching us!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seven Pounds, Shinjuku Incident, Fast & Furious 4

Hmm, have been catching these 3 movies the last few weeks.. I'd went for Seven Pounds after my colleague told me that it was a good movie.. Good as it is, but I think it could have been better. The story line is indeed touching, but it was just a waste on how the movie was brought out to the audience. I have to say I slept in the early part, so were the few people sitting around me. It was moving at a slow pace, and had everyone guessing in the darkness of boredom. I'm pretty sure this was the director's intention, but I'm such a lousy audience, I should have waited till HBO/Starmovies air this movie.
Memorable part of the movie: Will Smith humming the song "Loving You"..

The next 2 movies I'd watch, was totally different from Seven Pounds. Fast paced, action packed, 18PL movie.. Shinjuku Incident to me was interesting, for there are many elements in it. Love story, brotherhood, gangsterhood and there's a moral of the story, that we reap what we sow. Memorable part of the movie: The scene where Daniel Wu was given a chestnut cart as a present, I saw the happiness on everyone's face...Only if the money was coming from a clean source...
Fast & Furious 4, was fine too, thanks to the cars, very CGI-packed actions, the cool Vin Diesel, the pretty sister and Braga's girl. It got me thinking, are the bad guys always bad? Or are they turning bad because they have no choice? Or when we have a situation, should we settle it quick rather than sit on it?
Memorable part of the movie: How they survive the racing in the tunnel ordeal.

So, for me, movie is meant to be entertaining and for us to learning something out of it, for us to see how impressive CGI has become and how filming can be so imaginative..
What about you? Had any good movies recently? I hope you had spend some quality time on it.. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's weekend!

Woke up early this morning around 7am to bring my nephew to school. Mum was attending to her garden and waking up early was great. I get to breath in fresh air, listening to the birds chirping, saw people jogging and brisk walking around the taman, maids washing their owner's cars. It's just wonderful walking around, clearing our mind from stressful stuff and appreciating the beautiful things in life..

Have you stop by to smell the flowers today? Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

The story of a Chicken Maryland...

We stumbled upon IRC one of the days. It was coincidently their first day of business, thus the place was packed with many people. The decoration looks much like a kopitiam, and so we vowed to come and try the food on other times..

Time has come and we had our dinner at IRC, the Island Red Cafe (not Internet Relay Chat/the mIRC we used to hook on during UNI time). They have nice looking tables and chairs, PCs access with Internet connection, free WIFI and their menu does looks good!

So, since I've always been a fan of Chicken Maryland, I ordered one while Wernn ordered the Hot & Spicy Chicken complete with fresh fruit juices. Their menu even shows a whole baked tomato which is perfect in a Chicken Maryland meal. There's not much place which serves it this way.. Boy, am I excited.. Chicken Maryland always has a part in my heart, same goes for Assam Laksa. If they have either one on the menu, most probably that's what I'll order. So, I'm really looking forward to this meal until it finally came.

My Chicken Maryland came without any ompphh! I thought the waitress must have make a mistake.. Darn~ I can't believe what I see.

Chicken Maryland = Small slice of breaded chicken meat - baked tomatoes + a thin slice of tomato - banana fritters - hotdog + pathetic looking salad filled mayonnaise (to emphasize that salad was the dressing instead) + two thin slice of cucumber + french fries = Unbelievable that they called it as a Chicken Maryland meal. No way-lah

Nevertheless, I chomped down the food, because that's my choice and for the sake that, the meal is still called (by them) as Chicken Maryland.
Taste = OK-lah.
Try again = No, thanks.

Wernn's Hot & Spicy Chicken wasn't any better or I should say, they are quick on par. The fried chicken was thin and it tasted normal. We would be more satisfying eating at KFC's. I've lost count how many number of times I'd said "Pathetic".

To me, maybe they aren't the food experts, but their drinks was good (hard to get it wrong?).
I know there's so much more food varieties I've yet to try, but it doesn't appease me anymore.

Anyway, they do provide PCs for free surfing and free WIFI available. The connection was at a very good speed. Thumbs-up to them..

I think the shortname IRC indeed suits the cafe if interpreted my way of IRC chatting, go for the Internet, not for the food.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Earth Hour

Haven't blog about this yet.. Hmm, time seems to passed by so fast and it's been since a week. I'm thinking if I should practice switching off the lights at 8.30pm every Saturday.. Hmm...

Back to 7 days before, we were excited to go for the Walk of Hope. Tickets? Checked. Off we go, and it was drizzling, we reached around 5.30pm to join in the event, very excited.. But heck, we were told that the T-shirts are finished, the recycle bags are finished. Really dampens the mood. Excitement totally drops 90%, left 10% of mood. But well, what can we do, the T-shirts and bags are given out for early birds and are sponsored items. But then again, how come they know how to print so many tickets, and yet, they never thought that the sponsored items are not enough for everyone? Or, they may have thought of it, but thinks it's alright? It's not that I can't live without a T-shirt, but professional organizers would have done something on this. So, to heal our broken heart, we were asked to write our correspondence for "See what we can do for you", and we were given a wristband and a CD (only can get it after justifying that I do have a valid ticket)

Ah, if that's not sad enough, the Walk never got started until 7.30pm. That's 1.5 hours difference from what we were told, which is 6pm. Malaysian time, I guess I'll have to accept that. It's been a while since I join events..

Luckily this is for a good cause, my mood shot up to 70% when we start the Walk.. There's a lot of people and I hope that everyone feels the same, that we actually understood the cause of the walk, that we actively supports the motive, that we should do all we could to save our ailing Earth.

Ops, it's 8.30pm, I'm gonna switch off my lights now.. See u guys!

P/S: Oh and, no one get back to us yet on "See what we can do for you" ;)

Taiping trip pictures (yea.. long overdue.. )

Some pictures taken during trip to Taiping a month ago.. Went to the much talked about Taiping Lake Garden, which indeed is breathtaking. It was relaxing walking in the park surrounded by greens, water and mountains. Good feng shui. hehe..
We spent almost 2 hours there, but only managed to cover a small part of the garden..

Raindrops keep falling on my head.....
It really is a rainy town.

Road stretch in front of Taiping Zoo

Road stretch along Taiping Lake

Raintree reflections..

Raintree drinking water..

Simple love this stretch... aw..

Nice view..

Lovely cute bright tree

House / rest house ? Didn't get to explore on it yet.. The lake is so huge..

The sun is rising..

Love the tree..

Me and Wernn

Wernn & I
Thanks to Boey for these shots..

Rarrrrr, dinosaurs!

Me & Wernn

Posing beside them.. they are great pretenders!

Thanks to my dear friends, I have enjoyed the trip very much..

This is where we stayed.. Hotel Furama, Taiping.
But ops, I didn't take the pictures of the hotel. I enjoyed the stay and do recommend it. It was very clean, well lit, comfy bed, clean toilets, TV with Astro channels, ample free parking spaces and definitely rooms with a scenic view as it's just opposite the Taiping Lake.
All just for the price of RM70 +-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Earth Hour - Counting down to 28th March 2009

Your vote:
1. To switch off your lights for an hour or;
2. To leave them on.

WWF are urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.
This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard. EarthHour is plannning to reach 1 billion of people wherever you are.. [Extract from EarthHour]

Guess this is what I'll be doing: Get out of the house (remember to switch off all the lights first & remind parents not to switch it on for at least an hour. hehe..) and join the walk of hope at Capsquare on 28th March 2009 at 8.30pm

Monday, February 09, 2009

Chinese Valentines is here, Happy Chap Goh Meh

Hehe.. how does your Chap Goh Meh goes by? Mine was a..simple one spent at home.
Today started off with prayers at Guan Yin temple with parents, then we had some vegetarian meal.. and off to a quiet day at home.. It's just after dinner time now with parents, brother n sis in law.. to wrap of the 15 days of Ox Chinese New Year celebration. Each of the 15 days was fun and happy visiting relatives and friends, visiting temples at Fo Guang Zhan, Dong Zhen in Jenjarum, Thean Hou temple, enjoying watching TV and also eating throughout the time..
May the rest of the Ox year brings happiness to each and everyone of us..

Hmm, time passed by so fast and now the celebrations season are over.. time to get some serious work done like working and working (as if I wasn't working throughout the celebrations season)

But, there's many reasons to celebrate here in Malaysia.. Today is Chap Goh Meh and a replacement day off for Thaipusam, and this weekend would be western Valentines day. Hehe.. there's always a day to celebrate, but I think it's cool.. It's just like there's something to look forward to in life.. A hope. A faith. An average day came by and spent away and then came the special day to look forward to. That's life ha, it comes and goes, we separates and we gather, we work and we rest, we pack for holiday and we came back.. and it's a life cycle that goes on and on. What makes it more important and meaningful is that, it's them whom you celebrate and cycle with. Your loved ones, your friends..

So, ha.. that's my point now..
May this Chap Goh Meh brings you closer to your loved ones and have a happy life cycle!! Appreciate them, and love them more each day!

Welcoming the Ox year 2009 at FGS Dong Zhen, Jenjarum
Lion Dance
Reunion dinner at Kau Fu's house

Big mandarin orange

Monday, February 02, 2009

Valentines is coming........

Hi gals, guys..

Already think about how to celebrate this day? I was introduced to RosesChoc If you want some surprises for your darling and at the same time doesn't cost a bomb, then it might suits you..

Time for some sharing and loving.. An early Happy Valentines greetings to you!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 牛新年

Howdy... how's your CNY celebration going ya?
It's a fun and happy one for me.. was busy the past few days, decorating house, helping mum preparing for reunion dinner and meals for relatives, visiting relatives.. And today, it's already the second day of CNY, where I get to rest a bit, eating snacks & watching TV while surfing net. So nice.. Outside, it's still the same hot weather days we always have on CNY..

Wishing all my guys gals friend out there, a happy, healthy, and prosperous Ox new year ya! May we have a quality year, spend with loved ones and enjoy our life ok..

Love ya from, megmeg.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ang Pow

Got an angpow from company this year.. Thank you!
Already in Chinese New Year mood..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

weekend holiday! Off from work

yes.. Im now so grateful that i don hafta work on weekends.. I helped mum cleaning up the fridge for the coming CNY. #But i have yet to clean my room.. Will, (I mean must) do that pretty soon.

Now I'm over at the salon with a hair cut and put some colour and treatment to my hair.. It's getting too boring now while waiting..

But later will be going for annual plant shopping at Sg. Buloh.. Hee.. Then to low yat and watching movie..

Need to put pressure on these guys here.. boring liow.. sien!

Back soon ya..

[10.04pm]I'm back..
Phew... It was tiring.. Went to Sg. Buloh and bought a big kumquat plant for mum.. It has a nice form as Wernn said, many kumquats, nice colours.. Love it. Gonna decorate it with some red red ribbons for the coming Chinese New Year.. Me & Wernn bought some potted plants too..

By the time we reached home, rested for a while, before we went out for dinner with Meg.. She bought us many many food! Otak-otak, 'kai chai peng', 'wong lai peng' #sounds like someone's name hor and more biscuits!! Thanks Super Meg!

After a decent modest dinner at Payathin food court, we went to Low Yat to get Wernn's external harddisk. Met this funny but with character salesman. Deal done in 5 mins. Super efficient both seller and buyer.

Back home! Mission accomplished today, but didn't have the time for Ip Man movie. Wqnted to watch this, and moreover, everyone says it is good.. Must make some time out for this movie.. seriously.. You watched it yet?

Above all, I also received gifts from my dearest friend.. Hee... Thank you for the bag(s), the key chain(s) and the unique playful earring!! Thank you so much! And the most wonderful of all, is the early angpow I get from you! Hehe, I was smiling outside, and laughing inside.. Hehe, you remembered how I always long for your angpow! Hehe.. Because of the thoughts that came in the angpow is priceless... Thank you my dear friend! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and hubby!