Monday, October 27, 2008

Over the weekend

Work till late in office.. Tiring..

Went to work after soooo long.. darn~ Finally, I completed the tasks.. I'm not expecting to go office again anytime soon on a weekend.. Luckily Monday is a public holiday, Happy Diwali friends.. Hehe

Lack of sleep on Friday night, so after work on Saturday, I spend some quality time at home, which does includes watching TV (Super Trio Show), reading newspapers and sleeping early..

It will be a fun day of eating out. Paid bills, and went for brunch makan-makan at Kin Kin Restaurant, Pandan Indah. It's a corner lot shop, near to MPAJ and Pantai Hospital. They serve good spicy pan mee. Pricing at about RM5 per bowl..

Dinner time, was at Lian Bee Hokkien Mee stall, Jalan Cheng Lock, opposite Eon Bank, next to S&M Shopping Center, near to Petaling Street.. ;) hehe..
Found this place from A Whiff of Lemongrass. After trying it, the verdict.... It was good, but not as good as the Hokkien Mee stall at Peel Road (opposite Queens park) and the one that is at Petaling Street (opposite the famous longan drink stall).

With a stuff stomach, must get the longan drink, slurping it till we reach our car.

Happy Diwali!
Ironed clothes of 2 weeks ;)
Went shopping with mummy dearest.. Back home, blogging, reading book (Spencerville by Nelson Demille), TV-ies and rest and relax.

Back to work.. and it's going to be a longgg week..

Hope everyone have a nice week ahead ya!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yut Kee Restaurant..

Ever since we discovered Yut Kee, Wernn especially will always try to find reasons to go back again for some good food. Each time friends visit, that is always a good chance...
That applies when Alu is back this December.. k, we go for breakfast?

Monday, October 20, 2008

I finally..

..went to the dentist last Saturday, 18th October 2008.

It was my first visit in a decade or more..

The experience was not as terrifying as the last time as far as I recalled.
This was how I felt.. (might be kinda gross to u)

I was in the 'surgery' (yes, that's how critical I see my appointment with a dentist) room under the bright light. Scaling was done, then polishing. Next, was the filling.

Dentist said: I can give u the injection if you feel the pain is unbearable.
Me nodded.
Me thinking: Injection??!?!!? Oh my gawddddd.. this is going to be longggggg..
Dentist at work.
Construction sounds.
A few hours seem to have passed..
Jaw and mouth was painful, open too long, can't close, nurse was pulling it open too I think.
Start to feel dizzy.
Start to feel nausea.
Me thinking: This is just the 1st filling, will I ever survive?
About another 5 long minutes..

Dentist said: Get me the mirror..
Me asking with a numb mouth: Just done with the 1st filling?
Dentist said: Nope, done with 3 already.
Me thinking: Thank GOD. With some dizzy feeling, I am proud I survived the ordeal and walked out of the room. Time checked, I was just in there for about 35 minutes. I bet time passed by so slowly when you are bored or scared..

Somehow, I was proud of myself. After procrastinating for so long, I finally managed to resolve one of my year 2008 resolutions. Yay!!

Have you resolve yours yet?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Notes

The past few weeks was some cool great weeks. It saw us, surrounded by many happy notes.. It was all about love & togetherness ;) And it evolves around my 3 best friends.. Hehe.. There seems to be endless congratulations that I can say to them..
Still wanna congratulate them here!!

Ah boy & ah girls, I'm so extremely happy for you!

1. SF is pregnant
2. Jacq is getting married
3. KY is finally going steady with his girl