Sunday, July 05, 2009

The weekend...

Gotten myself really busy with work in the past few weeks, even working from home on weekends.. The project was completed and deployed last Sunday.. I'm so glad.. It's been so long since I had a relaxing weekend and this weekend has been great, able to spend quality time with my loved ones without having to think of work now and then.. We had morning dim sum leisurely.. we ride around doing chores.. we went to pasar malam.. we walked and shopped and ate some good food. It's really a wonderful time and it's my wish that we can always be happy, that's basically what's priceless to me.. appreciate every moment I had..

Wish you a happy week ahead k!

Unagi Pizza at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley

First time seeing a 16% discount in a timepiece shop..

Saturday, July 04, 2009

What a difference surprise this time around..

Both of us set our eyes on it. Guess we make the same comment.. 'Yerrrrrrrr..'

They really doesn't have much taste, be it at their will or they're force to abide to the city council's requirements/wants/likes whatever you call it.. It's just a lousy piece of art.
Like how Wernn quotes it 'Rich people has no taste'. Weird as it is, to some extent, it's very true.

Maybe you like it and will appreciate it, but not for us. Darn, it really manage to spoils the first sight of Pavilion in my mind and heart, which used to be elegant and classy, simple yet sophisticated. There's just so much you can do at the open space.. Hold some events, promos, new openings, a gathering place, a lawn, a playground, a yoga place.. whatever it is, darn.

There you go, you've just successfully added another 'piece of art' to uglify KL.

Before.. Best picture I can get from the web, courtesy of Wikipedia,
regretted never taken a proper shot of Pavilion in the olden days.

Pavilion KL as it is now, with its new addition,
the so-called Unity Fountain with carvings of hibiscus..

The 'piece of art', of course as abstract as the word 'ART' is,
the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..
Please enlighten me on the meaning of these 3 gigantic pots in a fountain, so I can appreciate it better?