Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Expect the Unexpected

I have some really bad problems at home starting from 2 weeks back. I got really dissapointed and sad and it struck me how some things does not and will not happen as we expected.

Too many things in the world are beyond our expectations. The optimist will love it and the pessimist will curse it. I thought I was an optimistic person all this while, trying to put aside all the bad things, and focus on the 'good things of life'. Well, we cant control when the bad things will happen... "Since we have to live each day, why not go through each day with a smile... And I do learn something from the heaps of powerpoint files in my mailbox on how to be a high EQ person.

Until this situation struck me. And I "lost" my optimist self.

For a while.

I really wish to get back my optimist self.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

tiring day

im so tired.. body is tired.. so restless.. just want to relax .

but mentally im still very active. that's why im blogging. Though my hand is moving at a much slower rate than my mind. By the time my hand stops, I need to rewind my brain to what Im suppose to continue the line with...

so tired, of everything...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Sunday!

It's already July, second half of 2006. Phew... Time flies.

Did you make any resolutions early this year? What have you achieve? Something happy, new or sad things happened in your life the past 6 months? That could have change your life?

I hope whatever happens, it will be for good and the brighter days will come and stay with you for this coming 6 months and many more months to come... For things you wished it had happen but didn't, well it's ok. Maybe it's not meant to be. Or maybe it's meant to be, but you were not working hard enough, then you still have 6 months to accomplished it in this year.
Ganbatte dudee!~

I happen to see a phrase as I was flipping the calendar. It says

"Success is getting what you want,
Happiness is liking what you get "

Pretty meaningful? Wishing you all happiness and success !

Meanwhile, there will be a Football Fever Street Party at Bukit Bintang this Sunday till late Monday, so, for those who are taking leave from work on Monday, maybe you should go and support your favourite team!

Go go go Germany!!! I still love you Kahn!