Sunday, April 23, 2006

The War Between Us

Have you watch the movie Ultraviolet? Yea, the sci-fi movie starring Milla Jovovich as Ultraviolet or simply known as V... I just watched it this afternoon and I have to say it is a nice great movie, recommendable. The storyline was very innovative and I am amazed at how stunningly beautiful Milla is.. I remember her in Joan of Arc, she is good and still is as good as ever!

The movie is set
in the late 21st century, where there exist a group of humans who have been modified genetically by a vampire-like disease (Hemophagia) , giving them enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. V is one of them. They are being set apart from the 'normal healthy' humans, and humans wants to destroy the 'diseased' Hemophages population.

Lots of fighting scenes, 'wow, can that happen?' scenes and 'lagi terrer than matrix la' scenes.
I have no regret spending 1.5 hours of my life on this movie.

Then I start to think on the movie.. Humans create a genetically modified human. And then they want to destroy it. All in all, this creating - killing starts with the humans. Humans. Can we live in peace for once? Do we have too much time, that we have to think of something to make others live miserable?

In real life, things are just about the same. Fine, minus the flying motorcycles, hanging from the ceilings, or flying humans. What about this? Humans kill humans, because of misunderstanding, because of jealousy, because of hatred. It happens in our daily lives. It is just so saddening to hear this kind of stories publish in dailies. Can we put a stop to it? What is wrong with our society? Have they lost their minds, Im sure not all cases are because of mental diseases. How can the evil grows in us to that extent of killing another person?

Because, they have no love. Killers, have no more love for live. They are empty souls in a solid body. They act using their brains. I think it is wrong. We have to act using the heart and the brain. If everyone can understand this, I think the world is a better place to live in. We can't afford to let humans destroy humans anymore. For this is a war between us. A war will lead to destruction, the end of hopes, thus the end of lives. Until human understands that, we are just another step to human destruction...

Well, conclusion... I'm just contented that someone out there like you are reading this, that I hope love will continue to grow in you. Love for peace, for life, for mankind. We do not want a war between us.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jam on Federal Highway

i didnt blog for the past two days.. already missing the hang of it.. was so sleepy and tired, due to waking up earlier these days... i slept early.. also having fever .. but after few panadols and Vit C, im back to my feet jumping.. and bloggin!

i had a really bad jam today... was raining around 4pm and left office at 7pm and reach home at 9pm. all because of a big jam on Federal Highway.. i really really have to swear never to follow the road again, if i see the signs saying that its jam! i will definitely follow those ITIS signs blinking above us saying which road is jam... from now on, i will really really gotta believe them!
yes, my fault. i thought that the signs might not be correct ? the jam not that bad ? how stupid can i be.. oh man..

and today im sad.. sad ... sad... for something...i will not tell u, coz i dun wan u to sad with me,
just be happy with me and come to my blog more often. see u pretty soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My First day in Digi Telecommunications

Today is my first day at Digi, it was generally good admist all the mix feelings.. i was pretty scared the day before, that I will not get used to the environment, people, work or just anything there.. it's my second job and venturing into a new field makes me even more nervous..

But once there, I got to know the first colleague who is new too, Ling Ling.. feelings more stable now... I have a companion, and she is really helpful and friendly..

Then, i got a PC and was given some Oracle books to practice the SQL and PL/SQL ... interesting and always wanted to learn it.. sit and read.. time pass.. read and sit .. time pass.. lunch time, my team mates brought me out for lunch at KFC, Giant.. hehe.. (my worries of lunching alone is now gone) and then, back to office.. sit and read.. and forgotten to mention the many trips to water dispenser and the toilet...

time pass, 6pm... but .. another worry emerge.. is the jam bad ? what way can I use other than Federal Highway? Kesas is a big round, but there's no jam.. oh man.. im in a dilemma again..
Waited for Ling Ling, and time pass.. 7pm.. ok.. time to go home.. I make the decision. Follow Federal Highway.. yeah i know it might be a BAD, yes really BAD decision, but i just follow my instinct.. its already 7pm, i guess people would have reached home...

GOD Bless... surprisingly no jam ! so smooth.... i reach within 30 mins.. is it this smooth around 7pm everyday? anyone? if it's this smooth everyday, I would rather in the office till 7pm...

yawnn... late already.. now cant stay up too late, tomorrow have to wake up early..
People said "Chou tsui chou hei"... really have to sleep lor..

ganbatte for a more productive and fun day tomorrow!

take care friends.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Last Day in Open Source Systems

31st March was my last working day with Open Source Systems, OSS. After 4 years & 11 months of service. Make it 5 years .. sounds longer.. I was happy the time I submit my resignation letter... honeymoon abit for 2 months (resignation period).. and finally the day came. Well, the biggest thing I will miss is my wonderful colleagues, there's Farul Manager, Ayu Best Partner in Crime, Maggie san, and the rest of the hensem n pretty ones... There's just one person I wouldnt miss in the company .. I prefer not to broadcast 'the' name.. else, 'the' person will sue me.

I never thought that I will cry.. coz, I still can see my colleagues, now I prefer to call friends rather than ex-colleagues. I can still find time to lunchie / dinner with them or swim..
My male colleague who sits in front of me, fondly known as Et played some kind of Auld Lang Syne songs
My neighbour, the 'elegant' Maggie-san cried...
Ayu will look to me, and tell me many many memorable stories we shared, and times we together thru kaya and kayap.. ... :(
Imagination and emotions took place
Then, we all burst ! booo hoooo hooooo...

Just can't imagine the different situation on Monday, starting in a new place . All will change after 5 years..

The friends I make here are just too nice, Im not sure if I can find the same great quality of people here, but they are always a part of my life now..

Dear friends, we will always keep in touch. Now I will blog more often, because I want to keep in touch with you !
Again, sorry kalo ada silap dan salah... takecare and thanks a bunch!