Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So cute isn't ?

I received it! Thanks tim tim! It's so so cute and and it's Mickey.. I wish I'm there too ya.. It must be so exciting surrounded by all the cute funny cartoon characters... hehee... Thanks again for the card!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Choya for us...

I knew I've fallen in love with Choya the first moment I tried it... It's a sweet & sour ume taste liquor with a tingling relaxing effect..
So, Wernn bought the Original Choya at the airport recently and we've been enjoying it. Then Wernn told me that it's nice to simply mix it with some soda water... So, I've got the opportunity to try it out today.. Indeed, it taste great.. Just love it.. Its aromatic taste, hmm... just lovely.

We can mix it with green tea, orange juice, longan juice.. ah, and the Choya promoter I met at Subang Parade told me that she even cook Wine Chicken with Choya.. That's interesting.. She offered me a free tasting of the Original Umeshu with shiso herb (red colour) which is good for ladies. It relieves fatigue and helps our body to regain energy and vitality.

This site has more info on Choya Umeshu and I'll gonna try some of their drinking ideas.. Or if you're lazy to make your own, why not head over to Pasta Zanmai. The last time I was there, I saw that they have a wide variety of Choya drinks.
Till then.... enjoy ur drinks!