Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cleaning my cabinet

Tonight, I suddenly had the urge to clean up my cabinet.. and among those I found inside are papers and tonnes of papers, envelopes, and more papers. (Not sure why I'm keeping them, but I know I need to recycle them.. the time is finally here.. hehe)

So, I go through and found many 'red bombs' from all my beloved friends.. But I think the majority came from last year, 2007 where I had a lot of friends getting married and I'm invited to share the big day with them! And I still have their wedding invitation card! It was nice going through it.. hee.. and these are some of it.. hehee.. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Over the weekend .. Foodz.z.

I was browsing through my PC & cleaning up some stuff. I found some pictures I've taken some time back while having dinner. Now, I've got the time to post it and share with you..

Restaurant Yue Yee Chai, opposite Shaw Parade, beside Public Bank was closed. Buttt... they sort of re-open it a few shops down the block over the corner (near to the traffic light towards Berjaya Times Square). The place is brightly lighted and the food tastes just as good. The dishes were served pretty fast too.

We ordered fried keow tiow, mushroom noodle and kangkung belacan. It was delicious.

These 2 pictures were taken from Sek Hou restaurant, near to the GSC cinema (3rd floor) in Berjaya Times Square.

The restaurant name means 'Eat Good' and I do agree with them. The food were served in a generous portion and by looking at the menu, we are definitely spoilt for choices. You get some western and eastern meals and their drinks menu are quite special.

The unique thing is that, they have meals that are specially prepared for the health conscious. At an affordable price, you get to taste herbal soups and noodles. I will take more pictures of their latest menu the next time I'm there...

Over the weekend...

Also went to visit Ayu and family in JB.. Hehe, they are one growing happy family and it's nice to see them again after a looong time. Ayu remains the hot cheeky and cute Ayu (I wonder if she ever grows old). Raul is a cute lil child .. sleeping and waking up .. and his eyes though is not as big as mine yet, but very soon, I know, he will catch up just like his big bro.

Too bad, I didn't get to take any pictures of lil Raul, coz we were busy talking and talking and eating (thanks Ayu for the best mee rebus).. I'm so glad we manage to made the trip to visit Ayu and family, it was a fun and happy trip.. and that's a great quality time I've had.

Just manage to capture some sunset pictures and the chocolate from Ayu, that keep us awake and energize till our dinner at around 930pm.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bits and Pieces ...

Over the week...

I ate some preserved guavas bought from the snacks counter in Jusco supermarket.. It's one of the best I've ever tasted. Not dry, but it's kinda juicy and fresh. Yummy....Yummy. But can't consume too much of it.. Just for snacks once a while should be fine le.... Priced at RM2.09/100gm.

I finally signed up for Facebook! After so long.. hee

I read about the new toilet bowl concept restaurant in Queensbay Mall Penang. Remember seeing some Taiwanese restaurants that has this concept long ago.. oo, now it's in Malaysia. The food appearance looks pretty acceptable ;) Not sure if they have faeces shape ice-creams like those in Taiwan.. hee..

I tested out my new phone and its EDGE connection via Bluetooth. It doesn't work. Could be caused by some security settings? So, I plugged in the USB cable and tried connection via Nokia PC Suite. Voila, I got a connection using the USB modem and it's much faster from my usual Bluetooth connection. I'm so happy...

Finally, a happy note .. Jessie got married to Cheng after 5 years of courtship. I wish them both a happy ever after and contented life.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank you my dear friend

She was very thoughtful.. On our 10 years of friendship, she bought me the delicate and beautiful Coach wristlet. I have never owned any purse at that heavy price tag.
I was overwhelmed, dumbstruck, happy, touched, happy again and all the feelings all over again.
I noticed myself just staring at the wristlet. Smilling, and staring.
The only reason why I acted that way, I'd figure is because I was happy that I received it from my friend so faraway, yet so close to my heart. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me. Friendship forever.
our friendship is now 10 years old,
but we are still young thou..
we went through life's ups and downs
and our friendship has became my crown..
10 years had passed just like that
It's time to tell you, you're the best..

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Microsoft Tech-Ed SEA 2008, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Microsoft Tech-Ed SEA 2008 is back again at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia from August 11 - 14 2008. Tech.Ed SEA 2008

When you go to this page, you'll noticed an icon on top of the banner saying Get Microsoft Silverlight, "Light Up the Web". Install it and you'll see the banner playing the animation. Quick check shows that it's a new Web presentation technology that is created to run on a variety of platforms. Currently with version 1.0 up and running, and with version 2.0 coming up tomorrow! We'll have to see how impressive this can be in time to come..

Also, in conjuction with Microsoft Tech-Ed SEA 2008, Microsoft is having a "Blog about TechEd & Win!" Contest and is calling everyone to blog about anything and everything on Tech·Ed SEA 2008~ Cool prizes awaiting.. Tech.Ed SEA 2008

Baking at Jacq's place..

It was a fine Sunday and I went over to Jacq's place for a lepak-ing session. Started off with buying lunch for two. Bought it at Hoong Kee Seafood Noodle House, Taman Maluri. For RM4, I get a tasty bowl of seafood noodle soup. Next, grab a tub of Kings Macadamia, Raspberry and Chips ice cream.

While on the way, I had my experience with 'the spider' in my car. I don't know where it came from, but I noticed it on my dashboard at the traffic light. 'The spider' jump onto my 'dino-toy'. I grab the nearest paper to 'shoo-ed' it away, and it jump back to the dashboard.

The light turns green and the timing was just too right that 'the spider' jump from the dashboard all the way to 'I don't know where', but it has to be between the driver's and passenger seat. My GOD. I can see the long thread/web starting from the dashboard. I used the paper to break it, but no, it doesn't work that way. All this happens while I'm making a turn and driving. Dangerous! But there's no emergency lane to stop. My body is now getting too close to my door and I just kept mumbling in 18SX languages. Argh, it's no where to be seen.
The short 5 mins drive is enough to keep me insance but tough! (Yes 18SX languages made me tough..) Forget 'the spider'. I don't know where it went!

I reached Jacq's place. I asked Jacq to check my hair, my back for any signs of 'the spider'. No, luckily. Then, I emptied my bag. No also. I gladly concluded that 'the spider' is still in my car. (And it will be gone when I go home later).

Lunch from Hoong Kee, it's delicious, yummy. Soup is nice.

After lunch, we watch some TV, surf for some beginners butter cake recipe, Fagor oven user's manual and get things started with this.

Mixture of butter and sugar..

The flour sifter and 3 eggs...

Didn't manage to capture any more pictures beyond this, as we are busy with the 'real work' and messing up the kitchen.

Already inside the oven, bubbling.. like Earth's surface.

Our butter cake with Cadbury chocolate toppings.

It tastes better than my last cake, as far as I can remember.... We had some Chikadees, popiah floss rolls, and our cake while watching the movie 'The Messenger'.

Our girlie Sunday turns out fun and relaxing (except the horror part in the movie).. Hope we can spend more quality time together ya.