Sunday, February 24, 2008

FRIM Canopy Walk & a little of jungle trekking

Went to Forestry Research Insitute of Malaysia (FRIM) last weekend and spent about 4 hours there. Was looking forward to some exercises after all the CNY munching. Planned for a jog-a-walk at Kelana Jaya Recreational Park, but due to some plan changes, we opt for FRIM instead. Came to mind of FRIM when we saw the Canopy Walk on a book page cover. So, there we are, something to challenge myself too, for a 30m walk above ground and 300 m above sea levels.

After about 20mins drive from home, we reached FRIM. It was just a bit after passing Selayang Mall and Selayang Hospital if you're coming from Jalan Kuching. For details location, you can find it here...

We parked our car right outside the entrance (so we can walk in and saves RM5). We're all pack with towel, food, energy drink and starts our walk. RM1 for citizens, else it's RM5. It was nice scenery and because it wasn't sunny, I truly enjoyed the walk.

Reached the visitor information center, and quickly asked for the availability for Canopy Walk. Read it from Net that says, advanced booking is recommended, as only 250 people a day is allowed on the hanging bridge.. But luckily, we are early and after getting some guidance, we bought the tickets (RM5/person).

More walks and enjoying the forest, we climb up, down, pass some Pokok Kapur (you have to look up to see how beautiful it is). Malau (my team mate) says that they are a bunch of very harmonious trees. Then we reach the part where we start to jungle trek to reach the Canopy Walk. Sweats, rests, lizards, start to eat our food and drink our most needed energy drink and finally we reached a hut.. the start of the Canopy Walk. After a brief guidance, I started off on the bridge. I'm so scared though I knew the bridge won't fall. Malau also helps to steadies me. There are 3 platforms connecting 4 section of bridges. At the platforms, there's where I 'balanced' back myself and start shooting pictures... On the 2nd last part of the bridge, it starts shaking a little because it's a long section. O well, it is fun once I get the hang of it and I was saying to myself 'So beautiful'...

On the small platforms between the bridge, we can see the whole jungle, and also some part of the cities, as far as Sunway. It was amazing sight. When I'm back on ground, I wish I'm up there again.

Happy as a bee, we make our way down the hill and reached the track again much faster this time. Had a small picnic by the waterfall and had our way back... There are still people coming up at that time (almost 12pm), also some bikers and some uncles and aunties.

Felt so relaxed after sweating and the exercise. The sun is coming out now and then, but that's fine. We almost reached our car when we saw 2 couples taking their wedding photograph there. The background has very tall straight trees with coloured Autumn tree leaves full on the little hill slope. A beautiful scenery on a beautiful Saturday morning.

The spot where we rested

The slope we are going to climb after our rest

The Canopy Walk, built with cooperation with Germany

The view from the tree top Canopy Walk. I'm amazed at how straight the trees can grow

The walk

Long way...

It ain't a pipe, it's a tree

The rope, the planks, the wires that hold the bridges together

Last part of the walk

Looking back...

I'm not going to do this!

I wish to be up there again the next time in FRIM...

Still amazed at this straight tree

Canopy Walk

Looking up at the sky, I saw this...