Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rock & Republic collection

Vic Beckham's jeans collection label Rock & Republic really got me going Hoo Haa these few days. It all started when I saw it in China last few weeks. It was love at first sight at the jeans. After some bargaining (a must in China at least up to 80%) I walked out of the store. Because of my action at that time of that day, I'm now in a terrible state of mind. Terrible. Man. Duh...

The sales girl asked for RMB100 (about RM50). And I told her No, RMB70. She said No. The rest is history...

Nasi sudah menjadi bubur..
There is no use to regret over what you have decided, for there are always ways to overcome/solve it.

YES! I will get myself a pair of the Rock & Republic Crown Jeans! HERE itself in KL! or.. wherever!

Prices range from from $125 to $275. That's a lot! But there ain't any stores in KL. Singapore? I don't know. My 'agent' is searching for me.

Well o well, some links for you. I'm drooling over this pictures. I know it wont take any effort to be beautiful in this piece of jeans.
It's already a piece of art just by itself.

http://www.eluxury.com --> Then points to Rock & Republic

Till I get one, I will be kept busy drooling over this piece of art..