Sunday, September 02, 2012


This post is about the money I spent recently! On shopping! hehe... It's the mega sales here in Malaysia so during this period, everything should be on big discount and great sales! Every mall is participating, so basically every store in the mall will have signs of "Big Sales", "Up to 70% off", "Buy 1 free 1", "Lowest price from RM30" bla bla.. All of this excites me.. And the sales is going to be over soon, and I haven't even start shopping yet! I can't do this to myself, I knew I must walk around, even if I end up empty handed. I feel so guilty to myself if I didn't throng the mall at all and just let this "big event" slip by me..
(By now, you would have thought I would have splurge on everything) :D

It started on a Thursday, when I take the shuttle bus from Bangsar LRT station to Mid Valley... I waited for about less than 20 mins, and the bus came, most people that were waiting there went up the bus, it's decent (I say this because my impression of the KL buses, are like the dark gloomy crazy driven Metrobus) and I've got a place to sit. The schedule is that, there's a bus every 30 mins, it's about 8++ and during Ramadhan month, so I'm lucky to hop on the bus. The driver waited for a few mins, and we reached MV south court in about 5mins.. Also lots of people waiting to board the bus, back to Bangsar LRT.

So, i started walking around, basically I'm satisfied to have 'visited' all the stores I wanted to in that 2 hours.. but till now, I really ended up with nothing. I got tired, imagine walking from North to Center to South court for few levels. I'm carrying my laptop, and a handy bag that contains my empty lunchbox in it. Still it's heavy.. and I get nothing! I'm restless. Why did I get nothing? Maybe because I'm not the impulsive buyer type and I think twice before I part with my money.. The other word for it is stingy. Maybe I love window shopping more! I love to see the people, the decorations in the store, the pretty stuffs on discount. Now, not all that we see, we must own it. It's about the process... This the fun thing I love about walking around the mall.. And preferably alone. Cause you can stop and admire, walk away and stop again before making a U-turn and move on to the next store, before trying some silly clothes. It's such a good exercise for the mind, soul and body!

I went in to the last store of the night, Uniqlo feeling a bit exhausted. Yea, when you least expect, you will get something. That's almost always true when it comes to shopping. I think I literally got my energy back, I like the clothes there, it's so comfy, and casual. I bought 2 tops.. a singlet and a T shirt. Both are very comfortable and of course cheap, total spent, under RM40. I'm happy! 

That's MV on a Thursday, next was Bangsar Village on one of the weekdays. I never walk into Peacock normally, but it's just instinct I need to go in and take a look that day. Of course what attracted me was the word Sales up to 70% again. I bought 2 tops! A yellow flowery top and a simple Nautica blue tops. Total spent, under RM70.

Now I've got 4 new tops, and at the time of writing this, I've just worn 1 of them.. But real soon, I will wear all of them! :D

Next? ZALORA! Yes, somehow it seems to be the big thing now, with all the marketing they are doing.. S was talking about the TV advertisement with some songs and dances which her kid dance along too? But I've not seen them yet.. Hmmph.. Some friends bought from ZALORA, I did too before! And this is the 2nd time, I bought another 2 tops, total spent, under RM100. That's with a discount coupon from Boost Juice, but the promotion ended on 31 Aug. And it's free shipping. Actually I think I made a mistake, I don't really like one of them, but heck.. I will learn to love it! I know I will.. My fashion sense is not that great!

Seems that everything comes in pairs.. I've got a total of 6 tops from this megasales spree. You would have thought, gosh just 6 and make a fuss of it? You may get all 6 in a go in 1 store. Yah? Yah, but for someone like me, it's a very happy, exciting and contented moment, getting the stuffs I like with a small price.

Ok, we are done for tops, let's move on to skirts.. Hehe.. Nah... I'm joking... I didn't get any skirts..
But I did bought a beige heel, 1 casual and 1 dri-fit shirt for Otto at Mines, all coincidentally at RM27 each, and a exercise wheel at RM39.90 which we must put to good use, this is to train the abs and shoulder part..

I'm happy, that's why I need to write this down. The money I spent are not a lot.. but it is a lot of money to the poor I'm sure and not worth mentioning at all to the rich. It's just the little things that can make me, or every other woman happy. And we need to stay happy for ourselves, because life is about being happy! If you're too stressed out from your work and life, give yourself a break! You deserve it.. Go shopping, go for a hike or go out for a drink and have some me-time.

*Just in case you are wondering why I put the picture above instead of my shopping loots, don't you feel like it's smiling happily? Yah.. just put in some imaginations there :D

Thanks for reading. I hope you will stay happy always!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food for thoughts

I always loved mangosteen, though it's a local fruit, but it's not really cheap.. Mum normally buys it only when we are buying durians. Why? Because it counteracts for the heaty durian, as it is of a cooling nature.. So if we eat loads of durians (love it very much too), we can eat loads of mangosteen.. Yin and yang..

On normal days, rarely get to eat it..

What I like about it is the outlook, it's a dark purple fruit with a cute cheeky collar at the stem, a round body and a reddish, bit yellowish small butt.. Isn't it elegant? Of course the taste is superb too.. Very juicy, sweet and refreshing..

Its hard on the outer, very hard, but we don't need a knife.. Just put it between your 2 palms and squeeze it.. But be careful when you are opening it, as the purplish rind from these mangosteens are bit hard to wash off if it sticks to your clothes..

Then reveals the bouncy and juicy white flesh.. (Well sometimes it's yellowish caused it's spoilt)
It's quite a contrast, hard and dark on the outside, soft and white on the inside.. I'm soo craving for the fruit now...

It's amazing what mangosteen gotta offer.. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour agent, so yes, it can possibly preventing cancer.. Of course it's loaded with heaps of vitamins..

Life's like a mangosteen..
Some people looks tough on the outside, but they may need some TLC in the inner self..
Some days we see darkness but once we go through it, there's another bright day ahead..

Hope it's a bright and happy day ahead for u...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A click a day

When I get the time to hook on Internet, there's 1 website that I'll first open up. Whether I connect from laptop or mobile. This one website is

It's been a norm for me to click on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button.
Apparently after clicking, sponsors will pay for mammograms for women in need. I believed in that, just like how I believed the importance of mammograms. Mammography is a low-dose X-ray examination that can detect breast cancer and the earlier it is detected, the higher survival rate it is. It is advisable that women age 40 onwards start going for mammogram test. We may be fortunate, that we can afford to pay for the fees, but not all women are blessed with this privilege.

I hope this click can help them, wherever they are.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Smart Casual

Just as I reached office today, I saw an email that made me jumping with joy! 
After more than 1.5 years in this company, my wish came true!

Yes! I wished that I can wear jeans to work one day, just how I used to in previous employments.
With immediate effect, ye! Smart casual is the way to go! 

I can forget about the formal attire (not that I adhere to it strictly before this but I did tried).

Na na na, I smiled on and off and when no one's looking. I was already thinking what to wear and feels excited about starting work again on Monday! Time to dig out my jeans! 

I feel so motivated to start work again next week! 

Thanks company, that's +1 point to you!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Banning the veil in France?

Oh.. is it for real?

France's parliament has approved the ban on wearing veils in public.

You'll get fine if you wear a veil in public (150 euros)
You'll get a heftier fine if you force someone to wear the veil (30,000 euros and a one-year jail term)

Oh boy... I don't know what are the reactions from various parties especially the Muslim community..
Really looking forward to see if this law will be passed in the Senate next..

Morning drive..

It tends to be a dreamy drive to work daily.. After waking up and before I knew it, I'm behind the wheels..

This 30 mins can be dreamy.. So today, I was following this lil car with plate number BBB 8988. Boy.. ain't it a nice number plate... The dream starts...
If only the 9 is 8, so this fella will have BBB 8888. A plate number that some other fella may buy for thousands.
If only the 9 is 8, then he don't really need to buy 4D, Magnum or Toto, cause 8888 is a rare number that will come out.
But then again, the logic is that, the probability of 8888 coming out is the same as if a random 8273 coming out, isn't? The probability should still be (1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10). But if you only have RM1, and you need this bet, will u buy 8888 or 8273? :p
I recalled back the time when we were taught probability, but then it was a Malay language class.. and the word is 'kebarangkalian'.. There are more terms, converted to Malay, and I recall some of it like, 'ketumpatan', skala, jisim... Hehe.. farnie...

The lil car move on.. my mind stop wandering then, and I carry on my journey to work :)

Sunday, July 04, 2010


They stopped it? Why? As I was passing by everyday after work, I noticed they had stopped demolishing the walls of the Pudu jail. I'm so curious why was it stopped/halted..

Daily Express said that questions were directed to the government why DBKL are allowed to demolish the wall?

Has they stopped because of voices of concern around them? Is it too late? Is it just right? Will they ever stop for good?

Monday, June 21, 2010

All in the name of development...

The Pudu Jail wall will be demolished.. right now, at this time I'm writing this...
They are demolishing a 115 years old wall, once the longest mural wall at 384 metres, a colonial building in KL.

Why? Because they wanted to widen of the road and build some underground passage construction.

What has they become? They doesn't know how to protect our historical landmarks..
It's just so sad to know that they are terminators, destroyers, so unappreciative.. so silly and so stupid..

Other smart guys history book says, the Great Wall of China was built between 220–206 BC.. the walls has been preserved.. that's one of the UNESCO heritage site..

As for Malaysia, under the budak-budaks order, the history will read, destroy it! Build shopping center, build highways, build condominiums.. As if the place is not congested enough.. Destroy!

With this, until they wake up, Malaysia = destroy.. Malaysia will never be anything close to big because they keep destroying it..

All in the name of development, and do they know development is not just about demolishing and rebuilding?

Half Yearly Post

Whoahoo.. it's been half a year since I last written here... I didn't forget you of course, just that a little busy.. But my bloggie..I'll try to come in scribble more often k..

I'm listening to some songs recently, some oldies, it makes me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed it so much. While listening to it, it sort of brings me back to the time or era, when people listen to these songs..

One of the songs I'm listening to:
Moon River
music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
Sang by: Audrey Hepburn, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra..