Tuesday, May 16, 2006

slow ? or undecided ?

I dread the morning when I have to drive to work, along with some bad / plain #&^(@* drivers.

I dread it even more when I meet slow and undecided men drivers. It's not like i have discriminations towards men but, as of today, I have made that decision.

SLOW, UNDECIDED drivers are mostly men.
To be fair, men make good F1 drivers too. So men, please keep reading...

I doesn't know why, but I always drive alongside some slow undecided drivers.

SLOW in my definition is driving on the fast lane at 60kmph.
UNDECIDED is when the driver doesnt know where to go, which is turning left / going straight / turning right. So they will swerve from left to right, right to left and so on and so forth for times I lost count. Doing all this on the fast lane.

If that's not enough to drive my blood pressure high up, they will just cruise leisurely in between the middle and fast lane. Their car is just right in the middle of the white lines that was meant to say, the DIVIDER. Please dont stay on top of the divider...

duh... Humpty Dumpty...

Their act are really hazardous to the other road users, like me and the motorcylist. Most of the time, the motorcyclist will do justice by honking them, or giving the famous hand sign.

Hope that people can get more considerate, alert, selfless and please, just make a decision on where you want to move on...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Im waiting patiently, for the best things are here to come, very soon...

Ya, I am counting the days.. I have to say never in my life I had this feeling... Im counting to the days till I'm heading to the cinema for The Da Vinci Code ! Wow... its been a year since we waited for this movie... and yes, its finally coming... but I hope the movie is just as good as the book! Though through years, I learn not to expect to much from movies, for the bigger the expectation, the bigger the dissapointment.. However it is, I hope to spend a good 2 hours in my life on this !


Today, I was checking my old interesting mails, those that I kept for pleasure reading and found this interesting.. Share with you here..

Leonardo da Vinci could actually write with one hand and draw with the other hand at the SAME time.
Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors
Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian
Leonardo da Vinci was dyslexic and he often wrote backward


He himself is a piece of art, that creates a lot of other interesting arts for us. Arts after so many hundreds of years for us to admire... I am not a true art expert / die-hard art lover but I've seen his beautiful Mona Lisa piece at the Louvre. If my memory does not fails me, the home of Mona Lisa was in the first floor of the Denon Gallery. I was pacing towards the painting and was eager to see the painting in such a close distance. I want to know how the painting can captured the heart of so many people, and soon, my heart...

The sight truly beholds me. There are throngs of people surrounding the painting unlike some other also beautifully painted ones. There is a bullet proof glass cabinet that protects the painting. And surprisingly, the small size of the painting. Mona Lisa greeted me with her smile. The smile I long for. The smile that comes from a woman who is sincere, but seems to be hideous. The eyes that look at me from left to right and as if she can see through me and talking to me. She seems to know something, but she is not telling me. That's my feeling. That's what I can feel from Mona Lisa. What can you feel?

Different people will have different views, but do you all think that Leonardo is trying to give some messages in his works? Well, not trying to speculate / investigate into some mysteries few hundred years back, but oh well, its just interesting to think creatively. Leave me a comment...

Till then, another week to go for the opening of The Da Vinci Code :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Have you ever ...

been pissed, angry, frustrated, dissapointed and felt like crying when u type a whole long paragraph and then the browser failed on u and suddenly closes and the whole paragraph is gone? And you can't find it even if you open up the whole MON / CPU!

I HAVE! Few days back, I wanted to put up a post here, typing it wholeheartedly with emotions, my browser suddenly went off to thin air.. I don't know why. Maybe it just can't accept my loooooonnng, really loooooooooooong post.

So, forget about it. I off my PC and go to bed. I will not post what I plan to post that day!
Not until I can forgive my browser..

See you tomorrow...