Thursday, December 20, 2007

Retreat Places

Experience a truly different way to relax & being pampered, surrounded by mother nature.

A feeling I will not forget for a long long time, for it is indeed a luxury to have.

Sekeping Serendah
Glass House

Mud House

Seapark Brickhouse

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sharon & Lee happily ever after !

Sharon girl, I'm happy that you are finally tying the knot and spending life together with Lee. Though you are so far la, but I'm happy for you. I miss you! No more kopitiam at night. No more shopping for clothes. No more late night mamaks. Adui~

But I'm happy you found such a good hubby. And must mentioned again, you are so pretty on your wedding day! Muahsssssssssssss... Miss You.

My dear Sharon's wedding favours

Bought the plants on the 17th Nov weekend, about 100 of them at RM2.50 each. Luckily it wasn't raining today. Now, it's kind of a headache to think of how we are going to wrap it decently to give away to Sharon's guests...
After some try, Jacq, Esther, Wei Hoong, Wern Ching, the bride and groom helped out with the wrappings, and we get it done. Boy, aren't we happy... Hehe..
Guests love it too and find it interesting.. Happy for you girl. Go go go Sharon & Lee.

Before ...

After ...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sungai Buloh Nurseries 1 Day Tour

Went to Sungai Buloh to "view and survey" some plants. For RM3, wanna see if there's anything decent to be given to guest for Sharon's wedding favour. Got some pictures here... take a look of what we can get for RM3 there... Sharon, what you think?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Free Free Free !!!

Welcome to this site... Airmobiles.

Contains free mobile themes, mobile ring tones, mobile graphics for download.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Elwood, 2007 World's Ugliest Dog

Unknown type of fish...
A picture my sister took.
I think this fish is really interesting... Reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My half day at Subang Terminal 2, Jabatan Imigresen

This article is accurate as of 17 March 2007. . .

I spent one of my loneliest half day at the Imigresen department yesterday... I was there to renew my passport which is going to expire in less than six months time. It's been long since I've been to any government department to settle the important stuffs. Finally I need to face it to go and renew it, so I can smoothly fly to Siem Reap next Friday. It was a blessing I 'suddenly' remembered that my passport will expire soon. That is, after I heard on the radio when the dj mentioned the word 'passport'.

I reached around 7.30am and the queue was like about 100 people. I know that I needed a form. I printed it out from the internet the day before. But I wasn't sure if it can be use or not. So, I queued at the 'Pembelian Borang Permohonan' lane. The office opens around 7.45 surprisingly as it was supposed to open only at 8am. Thumbs up 1.

Then, I queued to buy the RM1 form. I asked if my printed form can be used or not. No.
Cannot. Because the form MUST BE PRINTED ON A PIECE OF A4, DOUBLE SIDED. BACK & FRONT. I had it on 2 piece of A4. So, I'm still at my lane, around 10 people in front of me. Thumbs down 1.

Ok, I got my form after about 10mins. And moved quickly to the queue to get a number.
Quickly filled up my form, very carefully. Searching my bag for old passport, making sure I had my photocopy of IC and 2 piece of passport size picture. At the queue for another 1 hour or more. Thumbs down 2.

Reached the counter.
Encik : (Flip through my document) Photocopy IC ?
Me: (Search my bag) Ini boleh ar?
Encik : (Flip Flip) Aiya, tak boleh... mana boleh.
Me: Ha, tak boleh ar?
Encik : Mesti satu page. IC depan belakang on one page. You pergi photostat. Nanti datang jumpa saya, tak payah beratur semula. (Put a stamp on my form)
Me: Oh. Ok.
Thumbs down 3.

... Rush to the photostat queue. And waited for another 30 minutes++ to photostat my IC in the NEEDED format. FRONT AND BACK IC on one single page. CANNOT DOUBLE SIDED or ONE TWO PIECE OF A4. While waiting, I overheard a guy saying that his photo was rejected because it didn't look like him now. My last fear... will they reject my photo?
When it's done.. rush back to the counter to meet 'Encik' and successfully get a number.
My number was 1155, and the current number is 1065.

I forgotten to bring my earphone, so I can't listen to music.
I had my laptop and used it for a while. I played with the kids around. The kid accidentally pressed my laptop and it was shutdown. I played with kids again. I on back my laptop and do some work. I read The Sun. I people-watched. I ate my bread. I drank water. I used gmail on my mobile. I people-watched again. A kid came to me and called me 'Auntie' and needed to change some syilling to buy drinks on the vending machine ... and on and on..

It was about 11 and it's near... pretty near.. 1155 on the board. I walked towards the counter to submit my form. My last fear. The photo I brought along was about 4 years back. The girl looked at my photo and then at me. Luck is with me, and pass! Thumbs up 2.
Fingerprint. Tissue. Back to my seat.

And I waited for another 30mins++ to make payment of RM300 now. I people-watched again.

1155 on the board. I make my payments and was very happy by now. All is over. Rushed to an other empty counter.

Me : Encik, nak tanyer. Kalau saya ambil passport hari lain, boleh tak?
Encik : Boleh, asalkan jangan lebih dari 3 bulan.
Me : Oh ok. Thank you ya.
Rush off.
Rush back to the counter.
Me : Encik, er.. saya cuma bawa balik resit untuk ambil passport?
Encik: Ya, dengan IC dan awak sendiri kena bawa la.
Me : Giggle.. (A friendly government staff. I must really be in luck) Kalau saya datang awal pagi pukul 730, kena tunggu lama untuk ambil ar?
Encik: Lebih kurang setengah jam. Datang counter nie.
Me : Oh okok. Terima kasih ya.
Rush off.
Thumbs up 3.

Went back to my car... feeling lucky and happy. Finally I get it done, although half day is gone.
I'm happy because I can go for my trip and meeting friendly government staff.
I have to say, their service really improved. The staff are helpful and wouldn't show faces when you ask them more than 1 question. They give clear information and they really deserve a thumbs up. Thank you guys! Thumbs up 4.

Notes (as far as I know, this is applicable to Subang Terminal 2) :
1. Passport are now ready 2 hours, after you make your payment.
2. The Subang Terminal 2 Imigresen Department closes after lunch on every 3rd Friday.
Please call them to confirm or you may be greeted with disappointment.
3. Make sure your IC are photostated in one single sided page. The photostat queue is long and slow.
4. The vending machine does not take in notes. Get syillings ready if you need a drink.
5. Save on the RM1 form, by printing your form from the Internet, provided its printed double sided on a piece of A4 paper.

Hope this helps and have a good experience during your trip there!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rock & Republic collection

Vic Beckham's jeans collection label Rock & Republic really got me going Hoo Haa these few days. It all started when I saw it in China last few weeks. It was love at first sight at the jeans. After some bargaining (a must in China at least up to 80%) I walked out of the store. Because of my action at that time of that day, I'm now in a terrible state of mind. Terrible. Man. Duh...

The sales girl asked for RMB100 (about RM50). And I told her No, RMB70. She said No. The rest is history...

Nasi sudah menjadi bubur..
There is no use to regret over what you have decided, for there are always ways to overcome/solve it.

YES! I will get myself a pair of the Rock & Republic Crown Jeans! HERE itself in KL! or.. wherever!

Prices range from from $125 to $275. That's a lot! But there ain't any stores in KL. Singapore? I don't know. My 'agent' is searching for me.

Well o well, some links for you. I'm drooling over this pictures. I know it wont take any effort to be beautiful in this piece of jeans.
It's already a piece of art just by itself. --> Then points to Rock & Republic

Till I get one, I will be kept busy drooling over this piece of art..