Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Banning the veil in France?

Oh.. is it for real?

France's parliament has approved the ban on wearing veils in public.

You'll get fine if you wear a veil in public (150 euros)
You'll get a heftier fine if you force someone to wear the veil (30,000 euros and a one-year jail term)

Oh boy... I don't know what are the reactions from various parties especially the Muslim community..
Really looking forward to see if this law will be passed in the Senate next..

Morning drive..

It tends to be a dreamy drive to work daily.. After waking up and before I knew it, I'm behind the wheels..

This 30 mins can be dreamy.. So today, I was following this lil car with plate number BBB 8988. Boy.. ain't it a nice number plate... The dream starts...
If only the 9 is 8, so this fella will have BBB 8888. A plate number that some other fella may buy for thousands.
If only the 9 is 8, then he don't really need to buy 4D, Magnum or Toto, cause 8888 is a rare number that will come out.
But then again, the logic is that, the probability of 8888 coming out is the same as if a random 8273 coming out, isn't? The probability should still be (1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10). But if you only have RM1, and you need this bet, will u buy 8888 or 8273? :p
I recalled back the time when we were taught probability, but then it was a Malay language class.. and the word is 'kebarangkalian'.. There are more terms, converted to Malay, and I recall some of it like, 'ketumpatan', skala, jisim... Hehe.. farnie...

The lil car move on.. my mind stop wandering then, and I carry on my journey to work :)

Sunday, July 04, 2010


They stopped it? Why? As I was passing by everyday after work, I noticed they had stopped demolishing the walls of the Pudu jail. I'm so curious why was it stopped/halted..

Daily Express said that questions were directed to the government why DBKL are allowed to demolish the wall?

Has they stopped because of voices of concern around them? Is it too late? Is it just right? Will they ever stop for good?

Monday, June 21, 2010

All in the name of development...

The Pudu Jail wall will be demolished.. right now, at this time I'm writing this...
They are demolishing a 115 years old wall, once the longest mural wall at 384 metres, a colonial building in KL.

Why? Because they wanted to widen of the road and build some underground passage construction.

What has they become? They doesn't know how to protect our historical landmarks..
It's just so sad to know that they are terminators, destroyers, so unappreciative.. so silly and so stupid..

Other smart guys history book says, the Great Wall of China was built between 220–206 BC.. the walls has been preserved.. that's one of the UNESCO heritage site..

As for Malaysia, under the budak-budaks order, the history will read, destroy it! Build shopping center, build highways, build condominiums.. As if the place is not congested enough.. Destroy!

With this, until they wake up, Malaysia = destroy.. Malaysia will never be anything close to big because they keep destroying it..

All in the name of development, and do they know development is not just about demolishing and rebuilding?

Half Yearly Post

Whoahoo.. it's been half a year since I last written here... I didn't forget you of course, just that a little busy.. But my bloggie..I'll try to come in scribble more often k..

I'm listening to some songs recently, some oldies, it makes me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed it so much. While listening to it, it sort of brings me back to the time or era, when people listen to these songs..

One of the songs I'm listening to:
Moon River
music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
Sang by: Audrey Hepburn, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra..

Monday, January 04, 2010

First Day at work!

It was the first day of work in 2010.. hee, with a mixture of laziness, and excitement, and a little bit of scariness for the things awaiting me.. hee.. End of financial year.. so.. I hope there's not much issue this year..

Traffic was building up today in the morning (after being spoilt for clear traffic towards the end of year), so I spent additional RM3.20 to take NPE to office, but going home after work was a breeze. Imagine, a breeze drive on Federal highway around 7pm on a working day! Boy, I'm so excited, I barely can believe it. It's just like winning a lottery (I think this is the feeling?.. teheehee..)

Ooh, enough of that, the moral story of the day is that, "Life is full of ups and downs". You may not have gotten what you want today, but please do not lose hope.. for you may not know when you will have your dreams and wishes come true...

Happy New Year, my dear friends! (still in new year positiveness)


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 ! Yay! Yay!

Wow... so excited that 2010 is here, it was a few relaxing and cheerful weeks towards the end of 2009.. With holidays and holidays around the corner... weren't 'prepared' yet to welcome in 2010.. but alas, 2009 ended.. I'm glad it was a good year (well, there's good and bad) as we walk our life together.. You see, it's really a blessing that me and my dearest ones are all able to live our life together, to spend time together, to laugh, to smile together and above all, that we cherish each other. Can't take things for granted, I prayed that 2010 will see us staying healthy and happy.

It's been 3 days now into 2010.. Well, it's been a great beginning, quality times spent with loved ones. Oh and I've started working on my new year resolution!.. Hee, what is it? Too many la...
But on top of my lists are, staying healthy, read up most (if not all) the books I've bought last year so I can get more without feeling guilty (tehehe..), clean up at least 50% of my junk collections in my room. I think I have more but I'll just formally put this up as more achievable goals.. So, when I revisit in 2011, I can't give excuses for not achieving them ;)

Do you have any new year resolutions? I just hope you will achieve all of them, so that you can be so proud of yourself the coming year..

Happy New Year 2010 and may your life filled with good health, happiness, and blessings..