Friday, July 18, 2008

Durian Night..

Wow.. brother bought some durians today... and me and pop doing what we do best.. Yes, opening the durians.. It's been a while since we had this 'activity'. We used to buy durians back in one piece.. It reminds me of the time we spent with my late aunty (Ku Cheh). But those are sweet memories. Today, I felt her appearance.. How I miss her.. I hope she is well wherever she is now. Rest in peace Ku Cheh.. I miss you.

So, back to the durians, they are great! Simple delicious.. Juicy and fleshy, as big as my palm, and they are just amazing..

Care for some?
durian puffs @ The Gardens
durian desserts @ Gohtong Jaya
durian cake @ Plaza Damansara

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

I feel a stomach ache before I sleep. Mild one. Too bad it strikes in the middle of my sleep. It's not mild anymore.

Off to the loo. It was a satisfying one. Hee. Enough said.

Went back to room but I'm too awake to fall asleep again. I seek refuge on internet. Read, More interesting political stories.

So exciting that me and wernn thinks film makers should jot down all details and make a movie from this saga. We can rope in some international movie stars. The scripts and movieline are good anyway. I think it'll surely be a box office. We can even get it listed in the Malaysian Books of Records too. First movie on Malaysia's era lost in transition. We'll just play the movie for the students during the school's Sejarah class. It's easy to absorb too.

Let everyone be aware of how critically-ill Malaysia has become.
Let everyone knows that history do repeats.
Let everyone knows that history is here so we learn the good and discard the bad.

Sejarah class will never be the same again? Hee.

I think I better get some sleep while it's still dark outside. And great.. It's weekend! Yay!