Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to everyone...

Happy Mooncake Festival! I woke up eating a slice of mooncake... and felt the festivity around..

Mum cooked some really good meals for us.. One of my all time favourites would be braised mushrooms and chicken feet.. Simply delicious~ Not forgetting, the chicken, prawns, siew yok and vegetables..

And, I'm going to bed later, with another slice of mooncake to wrap this beautiful day..

Happy Mooncake festival to my family and all my beloved friends.. May we enjoy peace and happiness through autumn, winter, spring and summer :)

Last weekend

Had tea for supper in Winter Warmer, The Curve with colleagues and ex-colleagues.. Farewell is never a happy thing, but I wish you all the best, CY.

Had a meet up with D'Gang, but not all of them physically here, it's getting harder, with everyone's tight schedule. But of course, it's always a happy outing, whenever we have one.. And not forgetting you Lulu, with just a phone call away, you're just right 'beside' us.

Happy Birthday in advance to Baby & Chun Hoe!

Human statues at Pavilion, KL

We were almost late, havent taken our dinner yet and about to catch movie Wall-e. After buying the tickets, we head to have our dinner, and this caught my eyes.. Human statues! They are in costumes, covering their whole face, and posing for the crowd. I was excited and wanted a picture with them. Some people even imitate their poses (though I bet they are funny).. hee

Quick shots, and we are off to dinner and movie (on time)..

I found lots more of human statues pictures on flickr.. I think they are really cool.. Full of emotions ..