Sunday, November 30, 2008

Congratulations to my beer mate!

To Beer mate Chris & wife Janice,

Congratulations to both of you, you both looks so perfect tonight..
Pretty & slim, handsome & smart!

Wishing you happiness and contentment .. Happy Wedded Life!

P/S: The food was delicious too with big servings, we can't finish them all!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

for being early

i'm in a room. Attending an awareness program that will be starting in 10mins but just few of us here.. So i really have nothing much to do and resorted to my little blog. Now i know why i'm late most of the time. Hee.

This morning while driving to work i saw a police car that has the siren and lights on and flashing.. I guess that's a sign that says 'clean the path civilians, i'm at work'. Hee. I really always wonder where are they rushing to. Have you?
My reasons:
1. They are rushing to catch thieves or robberies or kidnapping or murder case.
2. They are rushing to help in some accidents.
3. They are on call by some diplomats or politicians or anyone that have say on their job.
4. They are late for work (courtesy of wernn)
5. They just like the fun of it.

Do u think i get them right? Any police uncles out there can enlighten me? But guess not, mines not a political blog, they wont be interested one.. Hee..

Ten minutes liow. People still not much.. I should just go shopping..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Notes

Congratulations to both Baby and David on your newborn..
Take good care ya and enjoy the new journey of life. All my best wishes to both of you.


It's a much awaited weekend, that I will be going for dimsum buffet with my family at Kin Ma Restaurant, Palace of Golden Horses. I've been thinking about it almost everyday..

Finally, it's the day, and happy as a bee, we went for our brunch. I always love family gatherings. I love my family !!

Then, we went to Galeri Petronas, KLCC for the artwork showcase. This time shows photographs taken by Soraya Yusof Talismail entitling Imaging Selfs. Also on display is the blog drawings from Mazen Kerbaj. It was also made 'true to life' with some sound effect... which was actually the recording he recorded on the balcony of his apartment block, the night the bombing began in Beirut.

And, we wrap it off (while waiting for the rain to stop) in Kinokuniya browsing through the wide range of wrapped books.. including one of my favourites, Tin Tin.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What's going on?

We were walking around Bukit Bintang, heading towards Low Yat yesterday. Looking for a mouse.

It was a breeze walking from Pavilion, till we reach the traffic light at Lot10 junction. Cards everywhere, we have to focus to cross the road. Standing at the crossroads, we noticed a group of people (big group!) gathering right in front of Maybank. Youngsters, mostly dressed in black, with caps. I found more of who they are here.

Walking from Pavilion to LowYat via Jalan Bukit Bintang wasn't a breeze anymore. It seems that we went into a different town/country. We saw more street dancers, youngsters in black, saw a fighting among few youngster (hit the head, face, neck and shoved him to a car and continue hitting) and people in walktie-talkie running to the scene to watch/help.

What has happen to the KL I know. I've grown up here since I existed. I felt sort of a pain to see this. Where did all the youngster came from? What's their intention of burning the loser's clothes? If it's a culture / weekend activity, do it right man. Do it the legal way. Don't obstruct the traffic. Don't bring any bad impression to the tourist. Don't fight. If you have to fight, learn boxing/kickboxing/kungfu. You can go to Hollywood and get famous and do it like a man.

From the Star article, it says
"Last Saturday, things started to simmer when one or two minor scuffles broke out. Some of the kids fled, sensing things were about to get ugly. Soon enough, just as it was getting dark, a mob of around 20 angry teenagers were seen dragging a guy into a back alley. The others on the street – the youths, tourists, security guards – just watched in silence."

Said one of the 3 policemen,
"“They fight all the time, almost every week. But we can’t do much about it. There’re so many of them, and so few of us. We can’t be watching them all the time,” he said."

I saw the fight myself.. it happens and will continues...Until the authority do something about it.

Bake a feather-light gateau, anyone?

This is how the gateau (pronounced as ga-toe) looks like..
The recipe is over here. I haven't try it yet, but sure would love to..

Eat vegetarian, it's good for your health

Farul: Yet another makan post, hehe, can't help it. megmeg is made of food (and assam laksa)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The 1st of Nov 2008

Lunch was at Ole Ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid. The menu was familiar, and yea, it shares the same menu as Bumbu Bali in Puchong. Brothers & sisters..

We had two sets of RM25 nasi ayam.. Mine was ayam bertutu - it's a 1/2 chicken marinated in some kind of spices and Wernn's was a 1/2 fried chicken.

Verdict: Great meal.. Big portions.. The next time around, we should just order 1 set of main course and a starter. I've taken some snapshots of the chicken bones but found it a little gross to put it here.. They remains in memories and thank you chickens!

Dinner was at Italiannes with buddies. They have a promotion now. At RM29.90, we can choose 4 different kinds of pasta (8 kinds to choose from). Portions = small.
Ordered a seafood pizza too, it was just right the 4 of us.. Delicious. Cost us RM37.90 for the pizza.

Having said that, need to wake up early tomorrow as it's All Souls Day. I guess all the food will be easily digested and it serves as an energy booster for a day of house works..