Saturday, October 03, 2009

Is it the end?

Been hearing about the end of our Earth these past few days ... 2012 they said.
It's a disturbing myth or maybe fact. No one knows for sure what will happen tomorrow or the future, but it's what's being anticipated.. If you believe it of course..

It's not helping either, cause I'm currently reading a book ''The DEAD and the GONE", by Susan Pfeffer published in 2008, It started of with the 'something' that hit the moon off its orbit and it is much closer to Earth now.. (Whenever I say this to Wernn, he will roll his eyes :p) As I read, I start imagining myself in that situation, of what would happen if it really happens. How could we survive, or like how Pfeffer said "Only the unlucky survive".

More heartbreaking news on typhoons, then tsunami and then the earthquakes around the world. We felt the tail of the typhoon last Sunday while having our seafood dinner in KK, Sabah.. It was terrifying, and yet we were thinking that it's a norm for the locals there. Friends felt the earthquake tremors last Wednesday evening. Things that we were spared of all this while.. But many things are changing.. but seriously, are we prepared?

So, do I believe or anticipate if the earth is ending during my lifetime here? I don't know.. what about u? I just know that when people say "Appreciate today, enjoy life and life is short", it has become much more meaningful to me now and had changed my life.

Suddenly thought of this song, The End of the World (lovely tunes.. let's not focus on the lyrics..