Friday, November 24, 2006

~ Gmail on my phone ~

Tried gmail on my phone recently, a Nokia 6230i.
Just type in at your phone web browser.
You will need to download the application for once.

Then, login using ur gmail id and ta dah! done!

I have to say that my phone screen is small, but I am satisfied and impressed that I still can read the mails easily.
Interface is cool, cute.
Accessing emails are easy. Replying is easy. It's fast I have to say.

Way easier than what I expected ~

Thursday, November 16, 2006


1. I found Google Page Creator. It's very cool, with AJAX. 

2. I like how it can autosave my file. But I'm doomed to learn that it has limited undo. 
How can I stop it from auto saving my file?

3. Google Page Creator can't run on Opera. Not for now.

4. I learned that Firefox 2.0 can restore my session after an improper shutdown. Also, Firefox will now without miss, prompt me for themes/extension updates.

5. I tried Caffe Latte and I love it.