Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lovely Pink Roses

These lovely flowers are given to me on my birthday by Ayu Siao...

Aren't they just lovely?

Yea, most of the pictures look alike, but I just can't get my eyes of it!


Thank you Ayu!

Friday, November 24, 2006

~ Gmail on my phone ~

Tried gmail on my phone recently, a Nokia 6230i.
Just type in http://mail.com/app at your phone web browser.
You will need to download the application for once.

Then, login using ur gmail id and ta dah! done!

I have to say that my phone screen is small, but I am satisfied and impressed that I still can read the mails easily.
Interface is cool, cute.
Accessing emails are easy. Replying is easy. It's fast I have to say.

Way easier than what I expected ~

Thursday, November 16, 2006


1. I found Google Page Creator. It's very cool, with AJAX. 

2. I like how it can autosave my file. But I'm doomed to learn that it has limited undo. 
How can I stop it from auto saving my file?

3. Google Page Creator can't run on Opera. Not for now.

4. I learned that Firefox 2.0 can restore my session after an improper shutdown. Also, Firefox will now without miss, prompt me for themes/extension updates.

5. I tried Caffe Latte and I love it.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Red Date Dessert with Lotus Seed

I was browsing the old Jusco's Pearl magazine and found this dessert recipe for Chinese New Year, yup.. the book is almost a year old... but who cares... recipes never go out of style...

O' well, so captivated with the picture that I 'pledged' to make this dessert for my family...

But first, let's see what are the nutritional values behind the main characters.

Red Dates / Red Jujubes (Hong Zhou)

Good for anaemics. Nourish blood. Best for fatigue, hypertension, physical exhaustion and malnutrition.

White Fungus / Snow Fungues (Suet Yee)

Nourishing the lungs, healing dry cough and clearing heat in the lung. Those who often catch cold can eat White Fungus and Red Dates together. If eaten with Hasma / Suet Kap (dried glands of a snow frog), it will give you a smooth complexion.

Sweet Preserved Apricots (Nam Hang) & Bitter Preserved Apricots (Pak Hang)

Target the lungs. Cures cough and constipation.

Dried Lotus Seed

Clear Heat and restore your health. It's always in my mind that this seed works wonders. Used to make the lotus paste (in mooncakes).

Dried longans : Dark Brown in colour. Sweet and nourishing.

Recipes courtesy from Pearl Magazine:
6-8 cups of water
40 gm white fungus (Shuet Yee)
3-5 gm Hasma (Shuet Kap)
3 gm sweet red dates (with seed removed)
1 gm sweet preserved apricots (Nam Hang)
1 gm bitter preserved apricots (Pak Hang)
180-250 gm Rock sugar(Adjust to taste)

As I didn't buy Hasma, I just replaced it with Lotus Seed (100gm or more if you like it, RM3.80/gm), dried longans and also add some Sago (for decorative purposes).

1. Soak white fungus & hasma till soft. Blanch both in hot boiling water, rinse and drain again.
2. Rinse sweet dates, sweet and bitter preserved apricots, lotus seed and sago.
3. Put all ingredients in a pot except sago and sugar.
4. Add boiling hot water and leave to cook slowly for 2-3 hours (make sure ingredients are soft by then).
5. Add sago.
6. Then add rock sugar to taste.
7. Serve hot / cold.
8. Yummy..............

Ready to serve

Is this true, men?

I think the Urinal selection part is true, I was told...
I know why you guys are extremely fast now.
Walk in, Pee, Walk Out. Less than 30seconds.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Redwire Jeans ! Gotcha... Have RM1000 to spare?

I saw this jeans appearing on the papers the other day, few weeks back.. can't remember how much it is, but should be close to RM1000... Really, it's not just another pair of jeans.

According to Levi's, it's the next big thing in the music and fashion industry :)
O well, i gotta agree. It's cool. Quite cool. So cool... Something new.

I would like wear it when I'm going travelling. It will be hassle free as I do not need to carry ipod separately. I can now push the joystick to control the songs, very handy indeed. The retractable headphone means no more wires dangling around...

Once you remove the retractable earphones and obviously your ipod, then you can wash your jeans (that's if you believe in washing your jeans) ;o)

But, since I'm a sane and low income fella, I really can't afford to have this jeans! My brain will kill my heart if I go and buy this.

But, it's nice to see Levi's coming out with this jean. Hey, it's cool!

And, please check out the Levi's Redwire Jeans website. I love it as much as the Redwire jeans.

More pictures

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rick Steve's Europe Video Podcast

Do You Know?

In East Turkey, a land where wood is scarce, dried cow dungs are so important because the dungs can provide fuel. Two cows can provide fuel for an entire family - for cooking, heating everything!

My joke of the day:
If someone scolds "You are a piece of shit!"
it means
You are a piece of lovely thing coz you are important!

My philosophy of the day:
If you somehow found yourself in a 'dung', try to look around, it might not be a bad thing afterall.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Alan is going to UK afterall..........

Yet another farewell, I lost count of how many farewells being thrown for friends.. leaving for UK to studies, or colleagues leaving the company. Anyway, all these farewells, make me treasure them more. Not to take things for granted. And appreciate everyday we can spend time together...

Back to last Sunday, went out with Alan and Debbie to Mid Valley for lunch at Little Vietnam. Took some pictures for remembrance. Alan! Must study hard and play hard too!

Walk around Mid Valley, and yet another stop over at Starbucks. Coz I want to explore and see and touch the precious MacbookMacbook! ! Yes,it belongs to Alan...
How I wish I can own one too..

Played with built in Isight camera and took more silly pictures..
And I learn that they there's a downloadable software called Quick Silver (equivalent as Google Desktop) for Mac.

Let me end my post today with a silent prayer...
May GOD bless my friends who are near or far, to live life to the fullest and be safe all the time.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Time to blog...

I'm back with blogging, and with this, I am back to my self.. I found back "my" self ! For my beloved friends who wish me well and concern during the bad times, thank you so much! Yes, it's you.

I really appreciate you all and im so lucky to have you around me !

Last week, my ex-colleague Shirley left Malaysia for Germany to pursue her Masters in IT.. and since arriving, I'm pretty sure she is enjoying life now in UK ;) Girl, wish you all the best yea, and always miss your blurness here at home! And I will always check out your blog.. i lurve all the pics in it.. wow.. A picture sure means a thousand words!

I gotta go off now for a haircut...
But I'll be back, coz I have more to write.. yooooo

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Expect the Unexpected

I have some really bad problems at home starting from 2 weeks back. I got really dissapointed and sad and it struck me how some things does not and will not happen as we expected.

Too many things in the world are beyond our expectations. The optimist will love it and the pessimist will curse it. I thought I was an optimistic person all this while, trying to put aside all the bad things, and focus on the 'good things of life'. Well, we cant control when the bad things will happen... "Since we have to live each day, why not go through each day with a smile... And I do learn something from the heaps of powerpoint files in my mailbox on how to be a high EQ person.

Until this situation struck me. And I "lost" my optimist self.

For a while.

I really wish to get back my optimist self.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

tiring day

im so tired.. body is tired.. so restless.. just want to relax .

but mentally im still very active. that's why im blogging. Though my hand is moving at a much slower rate than my mind. By the time my hand stops, I need to rewind my brain to what Im suppose to continue the line with...

so tired, of everything...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Sunday!

It's already July, second half of 2006. Phew... Time flies.

Did you make any resolutions early this year? What have you achieve? Something happy, new or sad things happened in your life the past 6 months? That could have change your life?

I hope whatever happens, it will be for good and the brighter days will come and stay with you for this coming 6 months and many more months to come... For things you wished it had happen but didn't, well it's ok. Maybe it's not meant to be. Or maybe it's meant to be, but you were not working hard enough, then you still have 6 months to accomplished it in this year.
Ganbatte dudee!~

I happen to see a phrase as I was flipping the calendar. It says

"Success is getting what you want,
Happiness is liking what you get "

Pretty meaningful? Wishing you all happiness and success !

Meanwhile, there will be a Football Fever Street Party at Bukit Bintang this Sunday till late Monday, so, for those who are taking leave from work on Monday, maybe you should go and support your favourite team!

Go go go Germany!!! I still love you Kahn!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thieves o thieves Part II

This is Part II of thieves o thieves. Yes, I have a new story here, but I really don't want to continue doing Part III or IV or on and on..

Today, my colleague's handbag was snatched by a lone biker. We were walking back to the car after having lunch at Glenmarie Shah Alam. Suddenly this biker was turning in from a junction, very close to us and so close that we thought he were about to fall off from his bike. Then he snatched my colleague's handbag which she was holding at the strap. But thank GOD she was fine. Not hurt, but just scared. We all are.

It just happens everywhere. Not sure if the biker was stalking or just passing by and grab on this opportunity. It just happens. Daylight or night time. They just take the opportunity when it arrives.

Why do snatch thieves have to take away our freedom to walk and enjoy the time? Is it our mistake to walk in public?

I was sort of angry at myself for unable to do anything even though witnessing it.
I was stunned myself, can't even see the motorbike plate number. Just remembering his shirt. What use is that?

Hmm, I am very saddened with this and I just hope the thief (and others out there) will be caught soon. Caught and not released after bail. It's caught and sentenced!!!

Ladies, maybe you can just bring your purse out instead of a sling bag which may contain more things than you need to bring around during lunch.

Be extra careful during the start and end of the month as people get their salary and will have an amount of cash in the bag.

Try to recognise the snatch thief helmet colour / any stickers / unique identifiers (They will change their clothes / number plates, but most probably wear the same helmet)

If you really need to use a handbag, buy those bag with detachable straps. If the thief gets the bag, at least we won't get drag away when he pull the bag.

Carry your bag in the opposite direction from the road. If the cars are on your left, then hold it to your right and vice versa.

Always have duplicates for important accessories, for example your car keys or any keys you may have.

Please make a snatch thief police report. Ex-policeman use to tell us that some people will say they drop it, in order to simplify it. But please don't. Only when we report, then the police will know and they have a record. The police DO works. If we didn't report, the police will have the impression that our place is sooo safe, not roundings are required. So, please please, the least you could do is, report the case as a snatch thief case.

Takecare all...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Thieves o thieves

It was a late Saturday night, I reached home after supper around 12pm... My brother also went out for supper&watching footie at mamak and reached home around 1am.

An hour pass.

It was 2pm. I heard a woman's voice. Shouting "No, No" and then a speeding motorcycle's sound.

Gosh, I jump out from my bed and rush down and open the door and true to my beliefs, another snatch thief case. It's just 4 doors away from my house and I can feel the situation as if I'm in her shoe's, from her shriek and narrowly being a possible victim times before.

Another case. With my pillow still in my hand, I can see all my surrounding neighbours coming out for her and talking and comforting her. She just reached home and about to open the main gate when the thieves took opportunity.

I silently thank GOD that only her belongings are stolen and not a life is stolen.
What a world I am in.

Prevention is better than cure.

If Im the king of the king of the king of world, I would ask that all the snatch thieves, and rapers be punished with life sentence.
Why so harsh?
Because, with these people around, we will live in fear, everyday. Worst still, we will lost our lives because of their action. GOD will punish them, I know for sure. But for now, what should we do?

I can't sentenced them for life. Till, the day I asked GOD, please take good precaution everyday.

From my experience,

1. Please lock your car door the moment you are in it. Be it in parking lot, outside your house, just drop your friend off or in Sahara. Even if you didn't see a single human. Just lock the door!
(I was in my car outside my house, about to go to work. Waving bye bye to my sis. A motorcycle suddenly stop few steps in front of my car and the pillion rider runs towards my car. I quickly lock my car door. He tried to open it and I looked at him. Thank GOD he run away when he cant open it. I was stunned & shocked like h**)

2. If you reached home and need to open the main gate, look at your surrounding. If you see any suspicious people especially two people on a bike, drive another round or call someone out in your house to open the door for you. They are very much in the category of thieves (Sorry for those who sincerely loves to ride in pairs). These people mainly hides near a car / park next to trees, switch on the high head lights and drive slower to see any suspects hiding nearby.

3. If you see someone following you (yes, please be observant) don't drive back home and thought you can rush into your house faster than them. Drive to the nearest police station. Yes I did that myself, I don't want to be sorry. I even make a police report. I'm glad the police entertain me and kudos for them! Please ladies & men, don't drive home. Just go to the police station.

Hope these reminders are useful for you and till then, I prayed for justice and hope everyone live in peace and harmony.

Take care all, see ya!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A cake for my dear friend...

It was my friend, Cherlyn's birthday... I was cracking my head to get her something nice as a present... i've bought her bag, earrings, bracelets, skirt, books ... hmm.. i dunno what to buy!

So, i have a 'brilliant' or maybe 'not so brilliant' idea!

Bake a cake for her? Something personal?

So, the week before, I 'practise' by making a biscuit cake. I got the recipe, courtesy of Kenson and I'll share the recipe here.

250g butter
200g castor sugar (gula halus)
7 eggs
28 pieces of non creamer crackers (no flavours)

1. Beat the butter and sugar together until it is creamy and hard. After that, put it aside.

2. Take the 7 eggs and one by one put into a bowl (A) and hit for 10 - 15mins. (No need to separate egg whites and egg yolk)

3. Crush the biscuits into small pieces and put it into the bowl (A). Then, slowly put in the butter&sugar mixture. Beat it for about 5 minutes.

4. Pour the mixture into a pan/clean bowl and steam it for 35 - 40mins.

5. Ta daaaa, a nice biscuit cake. Enjoy it!

So, i make the biscuit cake... and it turns out looking and tasting more like a kuih keras rather than a biscuit cake? Fine, I post mortem and found out that's because I accidentally mix the egg and the flour and beat them together! wrong! should have beat them separately and then only mix them together. duh, try to be creative and that's what i got..

so, the very next day, i buy the ingredients again, and try my luck for the second time. This time, it turns out cool! (that's because i follow instructions this time)
Very nice looking, but a little bit oily (haven't figure out why yet) maybe i should put lesser butter the next time around (trying to be creative again....)

So, my job is done? No, i still feel something amiss and need to bake a nicer cake for my dear friend here. So, I decided to bake a chocolate cake. chipsmore, chocolate syrups.. yummy

So, the following weekend, I went to buy the ingredients (after much searching in Google; looking for 'simple and easy chocolate cake')
I make my first chocolate cake, complete with chipsmore..
Again, I share my recipe here...

A box of Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix (Devils Food)
1 and 1/4 cup of water
1/2 cup of oil
3 eggs

You can buy the Pillsbury Cake Mix at most supermarkets, I bought it from Jusco.

1. Heat oven to 350F. Grease pan with some oil.

2. Mix the cake mix, water, oil and eggs together. Beat at low speed until the mixture is moistened.

3. Then beat at high speed for 2 minutes.

4. Then beat slowly with hand (using the spatula) for 2 minutes.

5. Pour the mixture into a pan.

6. Bake around 35-40 minutes. If you want cupcakes, then bake around 20-30 minutes.
You can try to put in a toothpick and if it comes out clean, then its done!

I manage to come out with a decent cake here, and I have to say it's pretty simple for a beginner... Personally, I do love it, and i scatter some chipsmores on top of it...

And my output?? ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

the cake

the muffin (:p)

I made some simple wordings and presented the muffins to Cherlyn, wishing her a Happy Birthday and I hope she likes it! Personally, I was happy that the cake is 'edible' (and not hard anymore)

For next year, of course I hope to do better and maybe I can prepare her a meal complete with cakes & desserts? Meg, ganbatte.......................

See ya guys, and do try the recipe out when you have time! Ciao~

Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekends in the kitchen

hmm, i had a nice and relaxing weekend.. having fun baking cakes! suddenly there's this urge to bake cake and cook! so i opened up mum's recipe book and i found recipe's dated back to the time before i was born! precious, really precious... flipping through the book till the last page (i have to say there's hundreds of recipe there).. then i go back to the first page. I guess it's the easiest cake to bake. its called the magnificent swiss roll.

Yes, i bake that.. pictures worth a thousand words.

i know it doesnt really looks like swiss roll, but but.. it taste ok... if i didnt overcooked it.
the picture looks more like a sandwich doesnt it?

I thought by baking it longer, it will turns out nicer (but NO! its proven wrong)

A cake might not puff up / raise / 'kembang' because there is not enough air in it, or the mixture is beaten too long / too short.

Lesson of the day: Trying to bake a cake longer will not make it nicer & fluffier (both outlook or taste) now i see...

I will try again the coming weeks, making sure
1. swiss roll are cylinder looking, mine looks more like a flatten sphere?
2. don't overcooked it.

hope to share more 'edible' pictures later on... see ya :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

slow ? or undecided ?

I dread the morning when I have to drive to work, along with some bad / plain #&^(@* drivers.

I dread it even more when I meet slow and undecided men drivers. It's not like i have discriminations towards men but, as of today, I have made that decision.

SLOW, UNDECIDED drivers are mostly men.
To be fair, men make good F1 drivers too. So men, please keep reading...

I doesn't know why, but I always drive alongside some slow undecided drivers.

SLOW in my definition is driving on the fast lane at 60kmph.
UNDECIDED is when the driver doesnt know where to go, which is turning left / going straight / turning right. So they will swerve from left to right, right to left and so on and so forth for times I lost count. Doing all this on the fast lane.

If that's not enough to drive my blood pressure high up, they will just cruise leisurely in between the middle and fast lane. Their car is just right in the middle of the white lines that was meant to say, the DIVIDER. Please dont stay on top of the divider...

duh... Humpty Dumpty...

Their act are really hazardous to the other road users, like me and the motorcylist. Most of the time, the motorcyclist will do justice by honking them, or giving the famous hand sign.

Hope that people can get more considerate, alert, selfless and please, just make a decision on where you want to move on...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Im waiting patiently, for the best things are here to come, very soon...

Ya, I am counting the days.. I have to say never in my life I had this feeling... Im counting to the days till I'm heading to the cinema for The Da Vinci Code ! Wow... its been a year since we waited for this movie... and yes, its finally coming... but I hope the movie is just as good as the book! Though through years, I learn not to expect to much from movies, for the bigger the expectation, the bigger the dissapointment.. However it is, I hope to spend a good 2 hours in my life on this !


Today, I was checking my old interesting mails, those that I kept for pleasure reading and found this interesting.. Share with you here..

Leonardo da Vinci could actually write with one hand and draw with the other hand at the SAME time.
Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors
Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian
Leonardo da Vinci was dyslexic and he often wrote backward


He himself is a piece of art, that creates a lot of other interesting arts for us. Arts after so many hundreds of years for us to admire... I am not a true art expert / die-hard art lover but I've seen his beautiful Mona Lisa piece at the Louvre. If my memory does not fails me, the home of Mona Lisa was in the first floor of the Denon Gallery. I was pacing towards the painting and was eager to see the painting in such a close distance. I want to know how the painting can captured the heart of so many people, and soon, my heart...

The sight truly beholds me. There are throngs of people surrounding the painting unlike some other also beautifully painted ones. There is a bullet proof glass cabinet that protects the painting. And surprisingly, the small size of the painting. Mona Lisa greeted me with her smile. The smile I long for. The smile that comes from a woman who is sincere, but seems to be hideous. The eyes that look at me from left to right and as if she can see through me and talking to me. She seems to know something, but she is not telling me. That's my feeling. That's what I can feel from Mona Lisa. What can you feel?

Different people will have different views, but do you all think that Leonardo is trying to give some messages in his works? Well, not trying to speculate / investigate into some mysteries few hundred years back, but oh well, its just interesting to think creatively. Leave me a comment...

Till then, another week to go for the opening of The Da Vinci Code :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Have you ever ...

been pissed, angry, frustrated, dissapointed and felt like crying when u type a whole long paragraph and then the browser failed on u and suddenly closes and the whole paragraph is gone? And you can't find it even if you open up the whole MON / CPU!

I HAVE! Few days back, I wanted to put up a post here, typing it wholeheartedly with emotions, my browser suddenly went off to thin air.. I don't know why. Maybe it just can't accept my loooooonnng, really loooooooooooong post.

So, forget about it. I off my PC and go to bed. I will not post what I plan to post that day!
Not until I can forgive my browser..

See you tomorrow...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The War Between Us

Have you watch the movie Ultraviolet? Yea, the sci-fi movie starring Milla Jovovich as Ultraviolet or simply known as V... I just watched it this afternoon and I have to say it is a nice great movie, recommendable. The storyline was very innovative and I am amazed at how stunningly beautiful Milla is.. I remember her in Joan of Arc, she is good and still is as good as ever!

The movie is set
in the late 21st century, where there exist a group of humans who have been modified genetically by a vampire-like disease (Hemophagia) , giving them enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. V is one of them. They are being set apart from the 'normal healthy' humans, and humans wants to destroy the 'diseased' Hemophages population.

Lots of fighting scenes, 'wow, can that happen?' scenes and 'lagi terrer than matrix la' scenes.
I have no regret spending 1.5 hours of my life on this movie.

Then I start to think on the movie.. Humans create a genetically modified human. And then they want to destroy it. All in all, this creating - killing starts with the humans. Humans. Can we live in peace for once? Do we have too much time, that we have to think of something to make others live miserable?

In real life, things are just about the same. Fine, minus the flying motorcycles, hanging from the ceilings, or flying humans. What about this? Humans kill humans, because of misunderstanding, because of jealousy, because of hatred. It happens in our daily lives. It is just so saddening to hear this kind of stories publish in dailies. Can we put a stop to it? What is wrong with our society? Have they lost their minds, Im sure not all cases are because of mental diseases. How can the evil grows in us to that extent of killing another person?

Because, they have no love. Killers, have no more love for live. They are empty souls in a solid body. They act using their brains. I think it is wrong. We have to act using the heart and the brain. If everyone can understand this, I think the world is a better place to live in. We can't afford to let humans destroy humans anymore. For this is a war between us. A war will lead to destruction, the end of hopes, thus the end of lives. Until human understands that, we are just another step to human destruction...

Well, conclusion... I'm just contented that someone out there like you are reading this, that I hope love will continue to grow in you. Love for peace, for life, for mankind. We do not want a war between us.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jam on Federal Highway

i didnt blog for the past two days.. already missing the hang of it.. was so sleepy and tired, due to waking up earlier these days... i slept early.. also having fever .. but after few panadols and Vit C, im back to my feet jumping.. and bloggin!

i had a really bad jam today... was raining around 4pm and left office at 7pm and reach home at 9pm. all because of a big jam on Federal Highway.. i really really have to swear never to follow the road again, if i see the signs saying that its jam! i will definitely follow those ITIS signs blinking above us saying which road is jam... from now on, i will really really gotta believe them!
yes, my fault. i thought that the signs might not be correct ? the jam not that bad ? how stupid can i be.. oh man..

and today im sad.. sad ... sad... for something...i will not tell u, coz i dun wan u to sad with me,
just be happy with me and come to my blog more often. see u pretty soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My First day in Digi Telecommunications

Today is my first day at Digi, it was generally good admist all the mix feelings.. i was pretty scared the day before, that I will not get used to the environment, people, work or just anything there.. it's my second job and venturing into a new field makes me even more nervous..

But once there, I got to know the first colleague who is new too, Ling Ling.. feelings more stable now... I have a companion, and she is really helpful and friendly..

Then, i got a PC and was given some Oracle books to practice the SQL and PL/SQL ... interesting and always wanted to learn it.. sit and read.. time pass.. read and sit .. time pass.. lunch time, my team mates brought me out for lunch at KFC, Giant.. hehe.. (my worries of lunching alone is now gone) and then, back to office.. sit and read.. and forgotten to mention the many trips to water dispenser and the toilet...

time pass, 6pm... but .. another worry emerge.. is the jam bad ? what way can I use other than Federal Highway? Kesas is a big round, but there's no jam.. oh man.. im in a dilemma again..
Waited for Ling Ling, and time pass.. 7pm.. ok.. time to go home.. I make the decision. Follow Federal Highway.. yeah i know it might be a BAD, yes really BAD decision, but i just follow my instinct.. its already 7pm, i guess people would have reached home...

GOD Bless... surprisingly no jam ! so smooth.... i reach within 30 mins.. is it this smooth around 7pm everyday? anyone? if it's this smooth everyday, I would rather in the office till 7pm...

yawnn... late already.. now cant stay up too late, tomorrow have to wake up early..
People said "Chou tsui chou hei"... really have to sleep lor..

ganbatte for a more productive and fun day tomorrow!

take care friends.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Last Day in Open Source Systems

31st March was my last working day with Open Source Systems, OSS. After 4 years & 11 months of service. Make it 5 years .. sounds longer.. I was happy the time I submit my resignation letter... honeymoon abit for 2 months (resignation period).. and finally the day came. Well, the biggest thing I will miss is my wonderful colleagues, there's Farul Manager, Ayu Best Partner in Crime, Maggie san, and the rest of the hensem n pretty ones... There's just one person I wouldnt miss in the company .. I prefer not to broadcast 'the' name.. else, 'the' person will sue me.

I never thought that I will cry.. coz, I still can see my colleagues, now I prefer to call friends rather than ex-colleagues. I can still find time to lunchie / dinner with them or swim..
My male colleague who sits in front of me, fondly known as Et played some kind of Auld Lang Syne songs
My neighbour, the 'elegant' Maggie-san cried...
Ayu will look to me, and tell me many many memorable stories we shared, and times we together thru kaya and kayap.. ... :(
Imagination and emotions took place
Then, we all burst ! booo hoooo hooooo...

Just can't imagine the different situation on Monday, starting in a new place . All will change after 5 years..

The friends I make here are just too nice, Im not sure if I can find the same great quality of people here, but they are always a part of my life now..

Dear friends, we will always keep in touch. Now I will blog more often, because I want to keep in touch with you !
Again, sorry kalo ada silap dan salah... takecare and thanks a bunch!