Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Banning the veil in France?

Oh.. is it for real?

France's parliament has approved the ban on wearing veils in public.

You'll get fine if you wear a veil in public (150 euros)
You'll get a heftier fine if you force someone to wear the veil (30,000 euros and a one-year jail term)

Oh boy... I don't know what are the reactions from various parties especially the Muslim community..
Really looking forward to see if this law will be passed in the Senate next..

Morning drive..

It tends to be a dreamy drive to work daily.. After waking up and before I knew it, I'm behind the wheels..

This 30 mins can be dreamy.. So today, I was following this lil car with plate number BBB 8988. Boy.. ain't it a nice number plate... The dream starts...
If only the 9 is 8, so this fella will have BBB 8888. A plate number that some other fella may buy for thousands.
If only the 9 is 8, then he don't really need to buy 4D, Magnum or Toto, cause 8888 is a rare number that will come out.
But then again, the logic is that, the probability of 8888 coming out is the same as if a random 8273 coming out, isn't? The probability should still be (1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10). But if you only have RM1, and you need this bet, will u buy 8888 or 8273? :p
I recalled back the time when we were taught probability, but then it was a Malay language class.. and the word is 'kebarangkalian'.. There are more terms, converted to Malay, and I recall some of it like, 'ketumpatan', skala, jisim... Hehe.. farnie...

The lil car move on.. my mind stop wandering then, and I carry on my journey to work :)

Sunday, July 04, 2010


They stopped it? Why? As I was passing by everyday after work, I noticed they had stopped demolishing the walls of the Pudu jail. I'm so curious why was it stopped/halted..

Daily Express said that questions were directed to the government why DBKL are allowed to demolish the wall?

Has they stopped because of voices of concern around them? Is it too late? Is it just right? Will they ever stop for good?