Monday, December 29, 2008

Melaka !

Went to Melaka last weekend with good friends... It was a great trip amidst the hot weather.. Local boy & Janice was kind enough to show us around and it was fun having their company.. Thanks a lot ya!!

Kenlooper has penned down some really good notes on our wonderful trip.

Our last trip in the year of 2008 and may year 2009 allows us to see more, feel more, experience more and love more! Thanks to my beloved friends, you guys are great and life is so much more fun and worthy with you all. I appreciate you guys ya!

Happy New Year !

Merry Christmas !

This year, just like any other year, we are celebrating Christmas at Kao Fu's house.. It was a celebration we all waited for.. it's time we can have some turkey and good food, of course there's beers and liquors offered, but we have to disappoint Kao Fu again, as we aren't avid drinkers..

We brought some gifts and placed it under the Christmas tree... It was a new green tree this year.. Kau Mou bought it at a good deal, bundle with decorations...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and also, an early Happy New Year to you.. May the coming year be a productive, wonderful and happy year for you!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Dong Zhi !

Today is Dong Zhi, the arrival of winter. 冬至 aka winter solstice day aka tong yuen day..
Pa said Dong Zhi arrived one day earlier this year, Dec 21, instead of Dec 22. Since young, it's been a tradition to be at home and have dinner together, it's just as important as the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. This day reminds me to appreciate and celebrate the harmony and happiness in family.

This year, mum made some tong yuen, white in colour.. It's balls of glutinuous rice stuffed with gula melaka, and boiled in sweet ginger soup. That's how ours goes.. I bet, there's many different kinds of tong yuens, each family may have their own tradition on making tong yuens. Some with multiple colours (pink, red, green etc..)

I know each of them is tasty and represents the same thing: one happy and united family.. Happy Dong Zhi to all of you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Today, I received an airmail from the States! I was happy to see it and guess that it as to be from Wah Nui... Hehe... Girl, thank you for the beautiful card, which has the word 'JOY' in bright red green Christmas colour. It seems to be long since receiving physical greetings card, thanks to the era of Internet technology. So, getting one is always special!

Thanks Wah Nui, I wish the same to you, that you stay happy and healthy all the way and may GOD bless you. Enjoy your Christmas, I hope it's gonna be a white Christmas for you!

To all my dearest friends, early Christmas greetings from me, wishing each one of you a great Christmas & New Year, and happy holidays. May the year of 2009 brings you closer to your dreams and stay healthy always.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Sunday morning

Today, I woke up thinking that it was a working day, and just about to check out the time, I realize that it's a Sunday.. The feeling is heaven... hehe

So, I snuggled in bed, I know it's been raining outside last night.. it feels so good..

I slept.. till 8am.. still very early for a Sunday, but I want to get the most out of it, so I woke..
Planning to watch a movie given by Wernn.. Pick list for today: "What Happens in Vegas"

But.. the main topic today is actually about sneezing.. hehe.
I just sneezed.. I sneeze a number of times almost each morning after waking up.. I was wondering why did I sneeze once I woke, and not while I'm asleep? Or did I, but I didn't realize it? Out of curiosity, I googled for it..

Why don't you sneeze while sleeping?
[WikiAnswers says] : The irritation that initially triggers activity at nerve endings in the upper respiratory tract will wake you up before you actually sneeze.
[Meglittlemeg says]: Ah... Now, come to think of it, it did happens once before. I woke up right before I'm about to sneeze.

Reading further, it's interesting to know that the nerve that causes sneezing, will also cause our eyes to be closed. The urban legend that says your eyes will pop out if you force it open while sneezing, is a myth. Though I won't try it.. I just know for myself, when I sneeze, my facial expressions seems all jumbled up. It's so funny.

Anyway, happy Sunday to everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reuse & Recycle..

My mum brings out our own Tupperware when she buys our take-away meals. Mum separates our rubbish type especially bottles and aluminum tins. Mum also do house cleanings and will pack the things that can be recycle and call the recycle guy to pick it up. Mum is really Mum and I'm gonna learn from mummy dearest...

My part??
I had make it a habit now to bring my own bags out during shopping..
It was kind of a 'shiok' sendiri feeling I have when I don't need to bring home new plastics bags when doing marketing / shopping..

I bring at least two - one in case for wet stuffs, and another for dry stuffs. When doing marketing, I will definitely need a bigger one.. My workplace gave us one big recycle bag, so, it is really handy. But now, most shopping center has their own recycle bags and can be purchased on the spot. I'm also hoping that they start to charge a fee for plastic bags given out.

I really hope that more people will start to reuse and recycle, and if everyone can do a little bit, it will make a whole lot of differences..

Let's reuse and recycle!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Being adventurous

We cooked pasta the last time around, prawns and tomato pasta, then we had sardine pasta and this time, it's a mixture of self-create-dishes. But there's tomato again.
It's edible (compare to the cake I bake few years back), it's healthy and delicious!
tee..he..he (knowing that I have low requirements on food, most food are delicious for me)

Hepatitis B! I'm not protected!

It all started with a blood test/medical check up at BPLab recently...

My results was out and everything seems good (Thank GOD).. Hmm, even did an upper abdomen ultrasound.. Click on the link if you wanna know more, I just know why I have to do it, after I get scanned. hee, it was my first time being ultra scan. Dr. applied a cooling clear gel over a hand held device (transducer) and go over my upper abdomen.. Dr. said everything's in good condition, just that my kidney length is long.. hee.. No news is good news.

Then, still need to have the report analysis with Dr. Came to the part of Hepatitis B.. I still remembered parents bringing us to have this vaccine sometime in primary/secondary school time, but now, it says that I'm not protected. Aiyo.. means the vaccine hilang somewhere.. So, Dr. Lim suggested that I have a booster dose. And that sounds like 'Ouch..' but I have to..

The jab was not too bad, slightly more painful than some 'people so-called ant bite blood withdrawal' (not so ant bite to me though). That jab may make one feel tired, painful joints.. but luckily I'm ok, it was at the moment of needle poking situation that got me Ouch.....

I guess all mamas to be will be screened whether they have this vaccination. What if the mama have it? I don't know how le, forgotten to ask doctor pulak. But doctor says newborns are now injected with this vaccination as part of the baby's immunization program.

Hepatitis B can spread through blood (just like HIV), and can cause life-long infection (a carrier) and there's no specific treatment for it. It infects the liver, and can cause liver cancer.
Hepatitis A meanwhile, is transmitted through our food.. Dr. says that most often people may get infected, but our body makes antibodies and cured ourselves, in fact, without us realising it. There's a vaccine too for Hepatitis A, but cost more than Hepatitis B jab. (~RM110 for Hepatitis A, RM50 for Hepatitis B)

I'm just done with the first jab for Hepatitis B, 2 more to go in the next 6 months for the complete vaccination.. ;)