Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 牛新年

Howdy... how's your CNY celebration going ya?
It's a fun and happy one for me.. was busy the past few days, decorating house, helping mum preparing for reunion dinner and meals for relatives, visiting relatives.. And today, it's already the second day of CNY, where I get to rest a bit, eating snacks & watching TV while surfing net. So nice.. Outside, it's still the same hot weather days we always have on CNY..

Wishing all my guys gals friend out there, a happy, healthy, and prosperous Ox new year ya! May we have a quality year, spend with loved ones and enjoy our life ok..

Love ya from, megmeg.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ang Pow

Got an angpow from company this year.. Thank you!
Already in Chinese New Year mood..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

weekend holiday! Off from work

yes.. Im now so grateful that i don hafta work on weekends.. I helped mum cleaning up the fridge for the coming CNY. #But i have yet to clean my room.. Will, (I mean must) do that pretty soon.

Now I'm over at the salon with a hair cut and put some colour and treatment to my hair.. It's getting too boring now while waiting..

But later will be going for annual plant shopping at Sg. Buloh.. Hee.. Then to low yat and watching movie..

Need to put pressure on these guys here.. boring liow.. sien!

Back soon ya..

[10.04pm]I'm back..
Phew... It was tiring.. Went to Sg. Buloh and bought a big kumquat plant for mum.. It has a nice form as Wernn said, many kumquats, nice colours.. Love it. Gonna decorate it with some red red ribbons for the coming Chinese New Year.. Me & Wernn bought some potted plants too..

By the time we reached home, rested for a while, before we went out for dinner with Meg.. She bought us many many food! Otak-otak, 'kai chai peng', 'wong lai peng' #sounds like someone's name hor and more biscuits!! Thanks Super Meg!

After a decent modest dinner at Payathin food court, we went to Low Yat to get Wernn's external harddisk. Met this funny but with character salesman. Deal done in 5 mins. Super efficient both seller and buyer.

Back home! Mission accomplished today, but didn't have the time for Ip Man movie. Wqnted to watch this, and moreover, everyone says it is good.. Must make some time out for this movie.. seriously.. You watched it yet?

Above all, I also received gifts from my dearest friend.. Hee... Thank you for the bag(s), the key chain(s) and the unique playful earring!! Thank you so much! And the most wonderful of all, is the early angpow I get from you! Hehe, I was smiling outside, and laughing inside.. Hehe, you remembered how I always long for your angpow! Hehe.. Because of the thoughts that came in the angpow is priceless... Thank you my dear friend! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and hubby!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second week of January...

It's just the 2nd week of 2009.. but I felt that this has been the most challenging start of a new year in my life..

It must be because I started the first day of 2009, working in the office and because of that, I missed Wernn's friend wedding dinner #they served good food e.g lamb and good wine.

Almost each of the workdays, I stayed late in office (because I need to support financial year end closing). On the second Sunday, I'm in office again, fixing and fixing. And on top of this, everyone starts calling me needing this and that urgently. All I hear is urgent.. #as if I can clone myself

Very sien working and working.. Sakit badan dy.. I wish Chinese New Year will come soon!

Forgotten to mention too, that I got trapped in a lift for slightly more than an hour last Friday.. darn.. It's just like in the movies i.e the lift shakes grr.r.g.r..rr.r and with dust falling down.. but the lights are still on.. hee.. It's my first encouter, luckily I'm not alone, with 2 friends and a stranger. We felt so separated from the world.. In the end, we have to be pulled up and out, Bomba also came.. After that "ordeal" (teehehe..), we bought toto,magnum and 1+4D, and we win nothing la... adui!

Monday, January 05, 2009

La la La ...

I was a tad boring tonight.. came home early #grateful to be home by 8pm, took mummy dearests home cook dinner #having lala is a bonus, and freshen up..

It is raining outside #I love rain..
It is so relaxing, peaceful... #time to open up my lil blog for some chit chat..

Today is not my first working day in 2009 #I worked on the very first day of 2009, unplanned..
But somehow or rather, I felt like it's a brand new working day for a brand new year. It was a busy day and time flies.

Now, I'm in my room, reminiscing on what I've done in the past 2008. I remembered making resolutions of going to the dentist, saving/making more money, spend more time with parents, family and loved ones, achieve more at work, be a better girl to Wernn, giving back more to society, and other sort of stuffs.. Very realistic and achievable goals. #but I guess I could have done better in all of them.. The resolutions does motivate me, as long as I put my heart into achieving them..

Still remembered Chinese fengshui masters once said to have extra precautions on health, wealth, ones safety, be careful of quarrels, this that and those.. However, I'm glad that it's not a bad year after all. Hoping that the coming year will be a contented one too.. #haven't make any resolutions yet this year.. but hope to make some and get it going. It's a source of motivation and especially when I'm looking back just like what I'm doing now, it's an accomplishment, or rather an energy that pushes me to go further..

Rain stops.. #feels like grabbing a book now and think of some new year resolutions..

Till then, friends, hope you have something in mind in this year of 2009, big or small. Let's work towards our goal one step at a time and discover each day, that we can go further if we try..

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dear Friends

To all of my dear friends,

Today marks the start of a new year.. 2009
It meant the start of a new chapter, a new beginning..
I wish that you will find happiness and cherish the moments..
I wish that good health and luck be with you throughout the year..
And that contentment be the way of life..

Forgive me for all the wrongdoings I've done on you..
To let you know that I don't mean it and that I cherish each one of you..

From the sounds of the fireworks, to the peace of the night.. let's walk our life journey together..

Happy New Year 2009