Sunday, April 26, 2009


Thanks heaps to my dear friends! It was a big surprise to receive this postcard from Cambodia today.. It's been more than a month since you guys&gals are back home, but this late greeting just make it more meaningful!

That's a message for a friendship forever! A toast for us and more gatherings in the future ya!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Driving home..

Today, I left office around 7+.. Traffic was good, because it's getting late and furthermore it's a Monday.. Everyone's still blue and should have left office earlier..

Normally around this time (around 8pm), there's something I will always see (90% of the time)... Hehe, don't worry, it's just the cops.. Tonight, I saw 2 of them by the roadside talking to the driver.. di da di da.. poor them, kena again.. It's quite easy to spot them at this hour, I guess because it's their end-of-shift hours? I just guess that..
I notices a lot of the police bikes cruising around highway/town at this time. Maybe they're going home, so while they're at it, my as well check out illegal looking drivers/drivers talking on phone but without handsfree/drivers sms-ing/people speeding away..

Do you guys notice this too near your area? Be careful ya when you are driving around 8pm, who knows, they're watching us!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seven Pounds, Shinjuku Incident, Fast & Furious 4

Hmm, have been catching these 3 movies the last few weeks.. I'd went for Seven Pounds after my colleague told me that it was a good movie.. Good as it is, but I think it could have been better. The story line is indeed touching, but it was just a waste on how the movie was brought out to the audience. I have to say I slept in the early part, so were the few people sitting around me. It was moving at a slow pace, and had everyone guessing in the darkness of boredom. I'm pretty sure this was the director's intention, but I'm such a lousy audience, I should have waited till HBO/Starmovies air this movie.
Memorable part of the movie: Will Smith humming the song "Loving You"..

The next 2 movies I'd watch, was totally different from Seven Pounds. Fast paced, action packed, 18PL movie.. Shinjuku Incident to me was interesting, for there are many elements in it. Love story, brotherhood, gangsterhood and there's a moral of the story, that we reap what we sow. Memorable part of the movie: The scene where Daniel Wu was given a chestnut cart as a present, I saw the happiness on everyone's face...Only if the money was coming from a clean source...
Fast & Furious 4, was fine too, thanks to the cars, very CGI-packed actions, the cool Vin Diesel, the pretty sister and Braga's girl. It got me thinking, are the bad guys always bad? Or are they turning bad because they have no choice? Or when we have a situation, should we settle it quick rather than sit on it?
Memorable part of the movie: How they survive the racing in the tunnel ordeal.

So, for me, movie is meant to be entertaining and for us to learning something out of it, for us to see how impressive CGI has become and how filming can be so imaginative..
What about you? Had any good movies recently? I hope you had spend some quality time on it.. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's weekend!

Woke up early this morning around 7am to bring my nephew to school. Mum was attending to her garden and waking up early was great. I get to breath in fresh air, listening to the birds chirping, saw people jogging and brisk walking around the taman, maids washing their owner's cars. It's just wonderful walking around, clearing our mind from stressful stuff and appreciating the beautiful things in life..

Have you stop by to smell the flowers today? Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

The story of a Chicken Maryland...

We stumbled upon IRC one of the days. It was coincidently their first day of business, thus the place was packed with many people. The decoration looks much like a kopitiam, and so we vowed to come and try the food on other times..

Time has come and we had our dinner at IRC, the Island Red Cafe (not Internet Relay Chat/the mIRC we used to hook on during UNI time). They have nice looking tables and chairs, PCs access with Internet connection, free WIFI and their menu does looks good!

So, since I've always been a fan of Chicken Maryland, I ordered one while Wernn ordered the Hot & Spicy Chicken complete with fresh fruit juices. Their menu even shows a whole baked tomato which is perfect in a Chicken Maryland meal. There's not much place which serves it this way.. Boy, am I excited.. Chicken Maryland always has a part in my heart, same goes for Assam Laksa. If they have either one on the menu, most probably that's what I'll order. So, I'm really looking forward to this meal until it finally came.

My Chicken Maryland came without any ompphh! I thought the waitress must have make a mistake.. Darn~ I can't believe what I see.

Chicken Maryland = Small slice of breaded chicken meat - baked tomatoes + a thin slice of tomato - banana fritters - hotdog + pathetic looking salad filled mayonnaise (to emphasize that salad was the dressing instead) + two thin slice of cucumber + french fries = Unbelievable that they called it as a Chicken Maryland meal. No way-lah

Nevertheless, I chomped down the food, because that's my choice and for the sake that, the meal is still called (by them) as Chicken Maryland.
Taste = OK-lah.
Try again = No, thanks.

Wernn's Hot & Spicy Chicken wasn't any better or I should say, they are quick on par. The fried chicken was thin and it tasted normal. We would be more satisfying eating at KFC's. I've lost count how many number of times I'd said "Pathetic".

To me, maybe they aren't the food experts, but their drinks was good (hard to get it wrong?).
I know there's so much more food varieties I've yet to try, but it doesn't appease me anymore.

Anyway, they do provide PCs for free surfing and free WIFI available. The connection was at a very good speed. Thumbs-up to them..

I think the shortname IRC indeed suits the cafe if interpreted my way of IRC chatting, go for the Internet, not for the food.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Earth Hour

Haven't blog about this yet.. Hmm, time seems to passed by so fast and it's been since a week. I'm thinking if I should practice switching off the lights at 8.30pm every Saturday.. Hmm...

Back to 7 days before, we were excited to go for the Walk of Hope. Tickets? Checked. Off we go, and it was drizzling, we reached around 5.30pm to join in the event, very excited.. But heck, we were told that the T-shirts are finished, the recycle bags are finished. Really dampens the mood. Excitement totally drops 90%, left 10% of mood. But well, what can we do, the T-shirts and bags are given out for early birds and are sponsored items. But then again, how come they know how to print so many tickets, and yet, they never thought that the sponsored items are not enough for everyone? Or, they may have thought of it, but thinks it's alright? It's not that I can't live without a T-shirt, but professional organizers would have done something on this. So, to heal our broken heart, we were asked to write our correspondence for "See what we can do for you", and we were given a wristband and a CD (only can get it after justifying that I do have a valid ticket)

Ah, if that's not sad enough, the Walk never got started until 7.30pm. That's 1.5 hours difference from what we were told, which is 6pm. Malaysian time, I guess I'll have to accept that. It's been a while since I join events..

Luckily this is for a good cause, my mood shot up to 70% when we start the Walk.. There's a lot of people and I hope that everyone feels the same, that we actually understood the cause of the walk, that we actively supports the motive, that we should do all we could to save our ailing Earth.

Ops, it's 8.30pm, I'm gonna switch off my lights now.. See u guys!

P/S: Oh and, no one get back to us yet on "See what we can do for you" ;)

Taiping trip pictures (yea.. long overdue.. )

Some pictures taken during trip to Taiping a month ago.. Went to the much talked about Taiping Lake Garden, which indeed is breathtaking. It was relaxing walking in the park surrounded by greens, water and mountains. Good feng shui. hehe..
We spent almost 2 hours there, but only managed to cover a small part of the garden..

Raindrops keep falling on my head.....
It really is a rainy town.

Road stretch in front of Taiping Zoo

Road stretch along Taiping Lake

Raintree reflections..

Raintree drinking water..

Simple love this stretch... aw..

Nice view..

Lovely cute bright tree

House / rest house ? Didn't get to explore on it yet.. The lake is so huge..

The sun is rising..

Love the tree..

Me and Wernn

Wernn & I
Thanks to Boey for these shots..

Rarrrrr, dinosaurs!

Me & Wernn

Posing beside them.. they are great pretenders!

Thanks to my dear friends, I have enjoyed the trip very much..

This is where we stayed.. Hotel Furama, Taiping.
But ops, I didn't take the pictures of the hotel. I enjoyed the stay and do recommend it. It was very clean, well lit, comfy bed, clean toilets, TV with Astro channels, ample free parking spaces and definitely rooms with a scenic view as it's just opposite the Taiping Lake.
All just for the price of RM70 +-