Friday, September 22, 2006

Redwire Jeans ! Gotcha... Have RM1000 to spare?

I saw this jeans appearing on the papers the other day, few weeks back.. can't remember how much it is, but should be close to RM1000... Really, it's not just another pair of jeans.

According to Levi's, it's the next big thing in the music and fashion industry :)
O well, i gotta agree. It's cool. Quite cool. So cool... Something new.

I would like wear it when I'm going travelling. It will be hassle free as I do not need to carry ipod separately. I can now push the joystick to control the songs, very handy indeed. The retractable headphone means no more wires dangling around...

Once you remove the retractable earphones and obviously your ipod, then you can wash your jeans (that's if you believe in washing your jeans) ;o)

But, since I'm a sane and low income fella, I really can't afford to have this jeans! My brain will kill my heart if I go and buy this.

But, it's nice to see Levi's coming out with this jean. Hey, it's cool!

And, please check out the Levi's Redwire Jeans website. I love it as much as the Redwire jeans.

More pictures

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rick Steve's Europe Video Podcast

Do You Know?

In East Turkey, a land where wood is scarce, dried cow dungs are so important because the dungs can provide fuel. Two cows can provide fuel for an entire family - for cooking, heating everything!

My joke of the day:
If someone scolds "You are a piece of shit!"
it means
You are a piece of lovely thing coz you are important!

My philosophy of the day:
If you somehow found yourself in a 'dung', try to look around, it might not be a bad thing afterall.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Alan is going to UK afterall..........

Yet another farewell, I lost count of how many farewells being thrown for friends.. leaving for UK to studies, or colleagues leaving the company. Anyway, all these farewells, make me treasure them more. Not to take things for granted. And appreciate everyday we can spend time together...

Back to last Sunday, went out with Alan and Debbie to Mid Valley for lunch at Little Vietnam. Took some pictures for remembrance. Alan! Must study hard and play hard too!

Walk around Mid Valley, and yet another stop over at Starbucks. Coz I want to explore and see and touch the precious MacbookMacbook! ! Yes,it belongs to Alan...
How I wish I can own one too..

Played with built in Isight camera and took more silly pictures..
And I learn that they there's a downloadable software called Quick Silver (equivalent as Google Desktop) for Mac.

Let me end my post today with a silent prayer...
May GOD bless my friends who are near or far, to live life to the fullest and be safe all the time.