Monday, June 21, 2010

All in the name of development...

The Pudu Jail wall will be demolished.. right now, at this time I'm writing this...
They are demolishing a 115 years old wall, once the longest mural wall at 384 metres, a colonial building in KL.

Why? Because they wanted to widen of the road and build some underground passage construction.

What has they become? They doesn't know how to protect our historical landmarks..
It's just so sad to know that they are terminators, destroyers, so unappreciative.. so silly and so stupid..

Other smart guys history book says, the Great Wall of China was built between 220–206 BC.. the walls has been preserved.. that's one of the UNESCO heritage site..

As for Malaysia, under the budak-budaks order, the history will read, destroy it! Build shopping center, build highways, build condominiums.. As if the place is not congested enough.. Destroy!

With this, until they wake up, Malaysia = destroy.. Malaysia will never be anything close to big because they keep destroying it..

All in the name of development, and do they know development is not just about demolishing and rebuilding?

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