Sunday, July 04, 2010


They stopped it? Why? As I was passing by everyday after work, I noticed they had stopped demolishing the walls of the Pudu jail. I'm so curious why was it stopped/halted..

Daily Express said that questions were directed to the government why DBKL are allowed to demolish the wall?

Has they stopped because of voices of concern around them? Is it too late? Is it just right? Will they ever stop for good?


KY said...

They stopped? Now? What a joke..
Wondering why they always start to question this and that AFTER thing happened.

meglittlemeg said...

Yaya! They do things half way or all the way, and then only realise that it's wrong AFTER that.. What's new!

What's in my thought is that, maybe they weren't suppose to tear the main entrance wall facing the police station. And they did it accidentally. Now, they are trying to figure out how to clean that s*** up.