Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Morning drive..

It tends to be a dreamy drive to work daily.. After waking up and before I knew it, I'm behind the wheels..

This 30 mins can be dreamy.. So today, I was following this lil car with plate number BBB 8988. Boy.. ain't it a nice number plate... The dream starts...
If only the 9 is 8, so this fella will have BBB 8888. A plate number that some other fella may buy for thousands.
If only the 9 is 8, then he don't really need to buy 4D, Magnum or Toto, cause 8888 is a rare number that will come out.
But then again, the logic is that, the probability of 8888 coming out is the same as if a random 8273 coming out, isn't? The probability should still be (1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10)*(1/10). But if you only have RM1, and you need this bet, will u buy 8888 or 8273? :p
I recalled back the time when we were taught probability, but then it was a Malay language class.. and the word is 'kebarangkalian'.. There are more terms, converted to Malay, and I recall some of it like, 'ketumpatan', skala, jisim... Hehe.. farnie...

The lil car move on.. my mind stop wandering then, and I carry on my journey to work :)

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