Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food for thoughts

I always loved mangosteen, though it's a local fruit, but it's not really cheap.. Mum normally buys it only when we are buying durians. Why? Because it counteracts for the heaty durian, as it is of a cooling nature.. So if we eat loads of durians (love it very much too), we can eat loads of mangosteen.. Yin and yang..

On normal days, rarely get to eat it..

What I like about it is the outlook, it's a dark purple fruit with a cute cheeky collar at the stem, a round body and a reddish, bit yellowish small butt.. Isn't it elegant? Of course the taste is superb too.. Very juicy, sweet and refreshing..

Its hard on the outer, very hard, but we don't need a knife.. Just put it between your 2 palms and squeeze it.. But be careful when you are opening it, as the purplish rind from these mangosteens are bit hard to wash off if it sticks to your clothes..

Then reveals the bouncy and juicy white flesh.. (Well sometimes it's yellowish caused it's spoilt)
It's quite a contrast, hard and dark on the outside, soft and white on the inside.. I'm soo craving for the fruit now...

It's amazing what mangosteen gotta offer.. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour agent, so yes, it can possibly preventing cancer.. Of course it's loaded with heaps of vitamins..

Life's like a mangosteen..
Some people looks tough on the outside, but they may need some TLC in the inner self..
Some days we see darkness but once we go through it, there's another bright day ahead..

Hope it's a bright and happy day ahead for u...

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