Saturday, July 14, 2012

Smart Casual

Just as I reached office today, I saw an email that made me jumping with joy! 
After more than 1.5 years in this company, my wish came true!

Yes! I wished that I can wear jeans to work one day, just how I used to in previous employments.
With immediate effect, ye! Smart casual is the way to go! 

I can forget about the formal attire (not that I adhere to it strictly before this but I did tried).

Na na na, I smiled on and off and when no one's looking. I was already thinking what to wear and feels excited about starting work again on Monday! Time to dig out my jeans! 

I feel so motivated to start work again next week! 

Thanks company, that's +1 point to you!


Meg Cheah said...

congratulation! I like to see you wear jean

meglittlemeg said...

hehe, yea! I'm happy can wear jeans!
back to old days!
This job is the longest I wear formal attire..